Food giant Nestlé reported on Wednesday that it has found E. coli in its Toll House cookie dough. Again. As you may recall, so to speak, Nestlé issued a recall last summer. Apparently two samples tested postitive at a Danville, Virginia, factory this week. Yes, there were stricter safety measures put into place after the last recall. Yes, the plant has been shut down, temporarily. According to the New York Times, when the plant reopens, it will begin using flour that's been heated to kill any dangerous bacteria (E. coli, salmonella, listeria). So it's the flour, or at least they think it is, rather than, say, the chocolate chips.

Stay tuned. And in the meantime, don't eat raw cookie dough, especially dough you don't make yourself. Which gets us back to the original supposition, which is that you should perhaps be making your own in the first place. (Here's Nestle's Toll House recipe, okay?) Tastes better, and you can probably mix up a batch in less time than it takes to keep monitoring the CDC's website.

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