Monaleo Enjoys Mindless Behavior: Monaleo told us about her Mindless Behavior experience.

Monaleo: My favorite concert experience was the first concert that I ever went to. It was the Mindless Behavior concert – I went to in 2012, I believe. It was so fun! My stepmom – she made me and one of my friends custom t-shirts with Princeton’s (one of the group members) face on them and I was so excited.

I was trying to have my little Debby Ryan moment and I was in the crowd hoping that they would see me from feet away. lol I was so excited to be there that night! Me and all my little young homegirls linked up there and it was a really good vibe. Mindless Behavior was awesome and they were really good. They were super engaged. It’s the first time I got to really see someone in person that I was idolizing at the time so that was my best concert experience.

Monaleo Enjoys Mindless Behavior: Monaleo’s single “Crying On Your Birthday” is out now. She performs at the Moroccan Lounge on November 25.


















































































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