Moldy Roses on Una Bèstia Incontrolable: Nick Viterelli of Orange County pop-punkers Moldy Roses told us about his Una Bèstia Incontrolable experience.

Nick Viterelli: The best gig I ever saw, by far, was Una Bèstia Incontrolable at Munoz Gym in Bakersfield, CA. The only reason I even went to the show in the first place was because Iron Lung was headlining.

I had never heard of Una Bèstia, or basically any punk band from Barcelona for that matter, but I just wanted to see Iron Lung so I really didn’t care much about anything else. I was 18. I wanted to drink beer behind a gas station and see my favorite drummer play blast beats. But before Iron Lung even went on, I became obsessed with Una Bèstia from the moment they started playing.

They sounded perfect. Screeching guitars, distorted bass tones, and droning reverb on the vocals backed by the fat sound of an 80s Ludwig vistalite drum kit made a wall of sound so ridiculously loud that I thought Munoz was going to fall down on my head. It felt like their set happened in slow motion.

The way that Una Bèstia was able to blend punk sounds and tresillo-style rhythms was something I had never heard before, and quite honestly not something I have ever seen since.

Moldy Roses’ Friends EP is out now.

Of the new single, Moldy Roses front man Quin Manchester says, “Friends is a song about living with my best friends in a tiny apartment in Fullerton (CA) and the occurrences there within. Eventually we all flunked out of school lost our jobs and got kicked out of the apartment complex. Some of us moved home, some to the beach, some to the mountains, some to the city, etc,etc…it’s about coming to grips with growing up.”

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