Former Velvet Underground drummer Moe Tucker was filmed a while back at a Tea Party rally. Pitchfork, Gawker etc. found out about this a few weeks ago and all the indie kids got their panties in a bunch debating whether the “Moe Tucker” on the video ranting about Obama's tax policies was the Moe Tucker who had kept time for “All Tomorrow's Parties” and “Sister Ray.”

We now learn that yes, it was that Moe Tucker.

Our sister publication in St. Louis, the Riverfront Times, has obtained an interview with Ms. Tucker where she clarifies her positions. Or tries to clarify them as much as she can, as she is as muddled and angry as your average Tea Party supporter.

(Also, she makes it clear during the interview that she never cared about politics or vocally despised politicians before Obama was elected, which is one of the most curious facts about the Tea Party “movement”…)

Here are the highlights:

Moe Tucker: No country can provide all things for all citizens. There comes a point where it just isn't possible, and it's proven to be a failure everywhere it's been tried. I am not oblivious to the plight of the poor, but I don't see any reason/sense to the idea that everyone has to have everything, especially when the economy is so bad. I see that philosophy as merely a ploy to control.

I'm against a President dismissing any and all who dare to disagree; the water being turned off in (central) California, at [an] area where they've turned off the water because they want to save a one-inch fish — turning that huge area of farming land into another dustbowl — the insipid start of food supply control methinks! The government deciding what kind of lightbulbs we can use (all you “think green” people, three objections to this b.s.: 1) Those bulbs give off the light of a candle; 2) They're very expensive; 3) They have mercury in them – how the hell are we supposed to dispose of them?

I'm against a government that will not defend our borders; and on and on and on.

My anger stems from the unbelievable (criminal!) waste of money on pork and earmarks. It drives me nuts to see that X millions are being allocated to build a turtle tunnel, a donkey museum, a salamander crossing, etc, etc, etc. Billions spent every friggin' year on totally unnecessary crap so that these Congressbums can tell their constituents that they “brought home the bacon” and get re-elected. I'm sorry, but I don't want to pay for any Congress SOB's vote buying, and sure as hell not in these very very worrisome times!

What specifically about the current administration do you disagree with?

I disagree with spending / borrowing / printing — damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead! I disagree with the “we won” attitude, which is the cowardly way of saying fuck you! I disagree with an administration that for twenty months blames Bush. If the President and his minions are so damn smart, why didn't they know the severity of the situation? The president has actually said (and I saw it on video) that they didn't know!

Anyone who knows me knows I'm afraid of flying, afraid of bugs, but not afraid to say what I think.

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