The news that Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art was sacking 20 percent of its staff came in the middle of a day that seemed to be raining pink slips — first the 300 announced layoffs at the L.A. Times, as well as 500 chainwide dismissals at newspapers owned by the A.H. Belo Corp., which includes the Riverside Press Enterprise, along with news of California's forced-furloughs of state employees.

A press release from MOCA spokeswoman Elizabeth Hinckley stated,

“Thirty-two jobs (16 full-time and 16 part-time) will be eliminated

across the museum. This reduction in staff will allow for MOCA to

maintain a smaller yet still dynamic exhibition and education program.”

The deep cuts are expected to yield $4.4 million in savings.


acclaimed but financially troubled museum on Bunker Hill was first

noticed to be swimming upside down in November, when it was revealed

that MOCA was using the museum's endowment funds to pay its operating

expenses. That crisis passed only when billionaire Eli Broad stepped in

with a $30 million bailout.

LA Weekly