Ashley Madison, the cheaters' dating site that recently clowned North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un with a billboard near LAX, is at it again.

This time the target is none other than Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, whom the site notes could also be a cheater of sorts.

No, he hasn't taken on multiple wives like his Mexican ancestors (yes, we said Mexican):

The site erected billboards in Romney's home base of Boston. They say:

If cheating on your taxes is ok, so is …

Credit: Ashley Madison

Credit: Ashley Madison

Cheating might be a strong word here. You see, Romney keeps a lot of cash (millions, in fact) in places like the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, where taxes are low or next to nil.

Of course, if he kept the money here, a lot of it would go to work for the U.S. people paving roads, letting the elderly get healthcare, and contributing to the payments for the nation's Bush-recession unemployed.

But that doesn't mean what the candidate has done is illegal … yet. You see, Romney has only released two years worth of tax returns to the public, a masquerade unprecedented in contemporary presidential elections.

And there's some speculation that he doesn't want us to see where all he keeps his funds.

In any case, Ashley Madison has concluded he's of the cheater variety, even if Mitt is a one-woman man rare to his Mormon roots.

Noel Biderman, CEO of, put it this way in a statement sent to the Weekly and other outlets:

I consider paying taxes much the same way. Is paying 15% when your receptionist pays 25% cheating? Is using a high priced accountant to use legal loopholes cheating? Is taking your money offshore where the government has no jurisdiction cheating? What Governor Romney doesn¹t get is that 99% of Americans don¹t have these same privileges and pay their fair share of taxes. He might call it working the system, I call it cheating.

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