We always knew that, with Barack Obama blazing the trail for African Americans, someday Latinos would get their first president too.

What we didn't know is that it could actually be … Mitt Romney!?

Ay, dios mio. Turns out that sometime Southern Californian Mitt has deeper Mexican roots than a cactus. And tomorrow some of L.A.'s most powerful political leaders, one of them highly Latina, are holding a news conference to denounce his anti-immigrant ways.

His father, George Romney, was born in 1907 in the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

According to an NBC report, the Republican presidential candidate still has …

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… a whole branch of … family living south of the border, including his second cousin Leighton Romney, and about 40 other relatives descended from religious pioneers who first traveled to Mexico 125 years ago.

Because his dad's a wab a south-of-the-border native, Romeny could actually be a Mexican citizen if he so desired.


Credit: @MexicanMitt

Credit: @MexicanMitt

Except that, like almost all self-respecting candidates for the Republican nomination, Romney appears to hate Mexicans (and that would technically include himself, que no?).

On Wednesday all-powerful L.A. king-maker Maria Elena Durazo of the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, and area Congresswoman Judy Chu are said to be taking part in a local press conference to decry Romney's opposition to the Dream Act, which would allow illegal immigrant children to attend college and earn citizenship.

Okay, to be fair, Romney isn't ethnically Latino that we know of. His family seems to have kept the bloodlines free of those pesky, brown native genes, just like those Spanish-surnamed folks from New Mexico. (Congrats on dodging all that dark-meat action, people. That's will power).

But, still, one might think that El Romneyo might have a little sympathy for his familia down south.

Nope. In November Senor Romney joined the conga-line of anti-Latino sentiment infecting the GOP, saying that the undocumented should be …

… going to their home country, applying for citizenship or permanent residency just like everybody else, and getting back in the line.

They should have to get in the same line with everybody else who wants to come here legally.

To which we say, Tu padre!

Just kideen.

But seriously, NBC goes on to report that La Familia Romney first went to old Meh-Hee-Ko not to flee religious persecution against Mormons in the U.S., but to flee prosecution for polygamy.

Mexico's a great place for that. You know what Mexicans call hombres with many women? Mexicans. Chale!


Romney's great grandfather, Miles Park Romney, led that first expedition to escape not persecution but prosecution for polygamy, or what Mormons called 'plural marriage.' After polygamy ended, the family remained in Mexico.

(And Romney calls out Newt for his straying eyes?).

Papa Romney came back the U.S. to flee the Mexican revolution, apparently, and had infant Mitt in Detroit. Can you say “anchor baby?”

His cousins still live in Mexico, content and Christian. Their one complaint? Mitt never visits.

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