Miss Grit gets Mechanical at the Moroccan: New York musician Margaret Sohn started the Miss Grit project as “an outlet for their expression of self.” They released two highly rated EPs, and the Follow the Cyborg album is out from February 24. Hear it at the Moroccan on Friday. Rocket also plays.

A press release for the album reads, “To be a cyborg means to have been manufactured; to have been downloaded with information, characteristics, and abilities meant to carry out a function which will serve its creator. It is to have stepped into the world with very little control under an all-powerful hand. Miss Grit knows that to be a cyborg also means to have potential beyond your creator; to inevitably grow a hand even more powerful.”

“Miss Grit subtly and overtly refers to films throughout the album (including Her, Ex Machina, and Ghost in the Shell) in their exploration of the life of a cyborg, as well as essays by Jia Tolentino and Donna Horroway’s A Cyborg Manifesto (1985). Their impetus to conceive an album about the life of a cyborg stems from their own connection to this way of existing. As a mixed-race, non-binary artist, they have always rejected the limits of identity that are thrust upon them by the outside world, in favor of embracing a more fluid and complex understanding of the self. Miss Grit as an artist is like a cyborg themselves, intent on creating a way of being that is fully and completely their own.”

Check Miss Grit out on Friday.

Miss Grit gets Mechanical at the Moroccan: The event takes place at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, February 24 at the Moroccan Lounge.



































































































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