There may not be a Rolling Stones tour happening anytime soon (wonder if Mick is still pissed about Keef's “tiny togder” remark?) but for fans of The Stones frontman, musical satisfaction has been trickling in. Last week, at a press conference here in L.A., Sir Jagger announced his participation in a new global supergroup called Superheavy, also consisting of Damien Marley, Dave Stewart, Joss Stone and AR Rahman.

The video for the first single, titled “Miracle Worker,” has reportedly already been shot and may be unveiled as soon as this week. The song, a soul-infused reggae jam is available for pre-order via

MJ's new band isn't the only thing that's kept the lippy rock icon on the forefront of pop culture. In fact, he's called out on two hot singles, both associated with TV singing competitions, neither being American Idol. AI judge Steven Tyler did admit to pretending to be Jagger before he was famous in his autobiography this year, though.

Clearly, Mick takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' (tokin'?) as a musical inspiration. Here, Five Songs About and/or Referring to The Rolling Stones' Frontman … Maybe:

5. Swagger Jagger- Cher Lloyd

Getting tons of Rebecca Black “Friday”-like buzz for being one of the most hated videos/songs on YouTube, this one makes “Tik Tok” (below) look like a masterpiece by comparison. The cringe-worthy tune meshes the melody of “Oh My Darling Clementine” with Pon de Flor-style rhythms and horns. But is it about Mick? The X Factor UK contestant says it's about “jacking style,” but it's hard to believe their wasn't an intentional double meaning using Jagger instead of jacker. Plus, it rips off, eh, jacks/jags Ke$ha's sound, so why not her taste in men too?

4. Tik Tok- Ke$ha

Wow, this really almost seems cool after the one above, doesn't it?

MJ lyric: “And now, the dudes are lining up cause they hear we got swagger

But we kick em to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger.”

3. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera

The Voice may be an American Idol rip off, but they've taken the pimp-your-pop model to a whole other level, racking up iTunes sales for contestants and judges alike. This track is actually quite catchy, and as someone who experienced Mick's “moves” first hand (remember the duet in Scorcese's “Shine A Light?”), Xtina crooning about 'em makes sense, and Adam Levine more than holds his own on lead vox. After watching this and fellow Voice-r Ceelo Green's original “Fuck You” video, we think every clip should just be dancing lyrics at this point.

MJ lyric: “Take me by the tongue and I'll know you/Kiss me 'til you're drunk and I'll show you/All the moves like Jagger”

2. Horses and High Heels- Marianne Faithfull

Mick's former flame is back with this splendid new collection of covers and originals. Standout original tracks “Why Did We Have To Part?” and “Eternity” have made some speculate the songs are about about Mick (or Keith). Faithfull's interviews on the subject suggest the former is about one of her husbands, not Jagger, but she does sample Brian Jones' guitar in the latter, and the Horses reference is obviously meant to remind fans of her contribution to the Stones songbook. (Mick got the “Wild Horses” chorus from something Faithfull famously said on her sick bed).

1. You Don't Move Me Anymore- Keith Richards

In addition to the todger remark, and revelations about the full scope of Faithfull's contributions (he gives her credit for “Sister Morphine” as well as a few others), Keef's autobiography Life confirmed what fans had already suspected, that this one off his solo debut is all about the Glimmer Twins' relationship losing its luster. The not so subtle references to Stones songs throughout are a brilliant touch.

Full lyrics for this one:

You made the wrong motion/Drank the wrong potion/You lost the feeling/Not so appealing

Why do you think you got no friends/You drove them all around the bend

Oh Yeah/You don't move me anymore

Now you wanna throw the dice/You already crapped out twice

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

You don't move me anymore

One face so seamy/The other don't see me/It's better that you kill the light

You're giving us all a fright

Oh Yeah/You don't move me anymore

How you gonna keep your wealth/Can't even defend yourself

Ah yeah, Ah no/You don't move me anymore

What makes you so greedy/Makes you so seedy/No matter how you flip that dime

On our side is time/Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

It's no longer funny/It's bigger than money

You don't move me anymore

In related news, Hemingway's in Hollywood has been hosting tribute nights on Tuesdays and last night had a -you guessed it- Stones theme. Boho rockers The Blessings and String Fellow Hawks performed. Nightranger slideshow from the club and more here.

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