Anthony Weiner's not the only one who does it.

In fact, about one in five Americans have sexted.

And it appears that LAX executive Michael Molina did too. CBS2 found out about it, brought to the attention of LAX honcho Gina Marie Lindsay, and now Molina is out of there.

He resigned.

His biggest sin, it would seem:

He reportedly did it on the city's dime — on his LAX-issued smartphone. CBS2 said Molina had worked as Councilwoman Janice Hahn's chief of staff before moving on to the cushy LAX gig. We're guessing he's a Blackberry guy.

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said it he doesn't think it would be right to be sexting as a public official even if it was on your own time.

LAX chief Lindsay pretty much admitted the sexting-on-the-job allegation: “There were some allegations of that. I asked him about it and he resigned.”

Yeah, LAX is too much of a city-owned cash cow to let a little normal human behavior get in the way of business.

The city of L.A. isn't exactly having a shining moment in 2011, what with building inspectors being investigated by the FBI and all.

But an airport “deputy executive director for external affairs” getting a little 😉 with his phone. Who cares?

Seriously, people, we need to stop being so uptight about our animal nature. Breaking news: People have sex. Men think about it a lot. Even professional, responsible men. They sext.

And if one in five Americans do it, that translates to like, half the people in this sex-crazed city. And well, even if the sexually pious mayor thinks it's wrong, some of those sexters might just be found among city officials. Last we checked they're human too.

Look, Molina's biggest mistake was doing it on a city-issue phone when he makes $192,000 a year.

You know what $192,000 a year can buy? A private iPhone.


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