The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Michael Jackson's memorial will be held on Tuesday, July 7 at the Staples Center. Which most definitely is not Neverland, where for a brief shining moment promised all the surrealism and metaphor one could possibly wish to come from such an unfortunate and mythically humongous event: A funeral for a black-skin-faded-white King of Pop in a place called Neverland on Independence Day weekend in America. Oh the symbolism.

Alas, we may perhaps get an equally symbolic place for MJ's internment service: An arena in the entertainment capital of the world, a venue that's part of a multi-million-dollar real estate complex (L.A. Live) constructed by a corporation, AEG, desperate to stanch the bleeding after losing what would have probably been its biggest moneymaker of the year — the Deceased. Add to the stew: the corpse's father has said he wants to see an investigation into the role the Funeral-Parlor-for-a-Day owner played in the final weeks of his son's life.

LA Weekly