Don't call it a reconquista just yet, but Mexico is coming to the U.S. to recruit athletes of Mexican heritage for its Olympics teams.

“Sports Games for Mexicans Abroad” is scheduled to take place right here in Los Angeles March 29-April 4 to test out and recruit athletes who might be willing to play for mom or dad's team rather than America's. Mexico's sports minister Bernardo De la Garza told Associated Press that its hoping to find future Oscar De La Joyas.

“What we can do for Mexican sports is open the door so they have the chance, so those who want to can represent their country in international events,” he said.

It's a bit of a long shot. We're willing to bet De La Joya wouldn't trade in his American-team gold medal or his place in the United States Olympic Hall of Fame for all the Mexican pride in the world. The same might be said for many young Mexican-Americans who are making waves in sporting disciplines, but you never know.

It wouldn't be the first time foreign countries have plundered American-bred muscle for their own hopeful, Olympic metallurgy.

But in Mexico's case, it's a little ironic. The country doesn't always accept its American-born progeny as “Mexican,” especially if they don't speak Spanish (ahem). And it's a country where blaming the United States for its ills — sometimes rightly, often not so much — is a sport unto itself.

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