L.A. Weekly blogger and former staff writer Daniel Hernandez uncovered a wild story about attacks on “emo” youths in Mexico City on LA Daily and his own blog Intersections.

Besides getting linked on Andrew Sullivan's blog at The Atlantic and Canada's Exclaim, there were plenty of other places who took his reporting and didn't even give him credit, like NME (I”ll reciprocate by not linking to them) and Time.

The story is now largely being told through YouTube clips:

Our sister paper the Houston Press checks in with their own take as well.

Social commentators are likening this to the Nazi persecution of the Jews in the late 1930s. Is that seriously the best metaphor they could dig up? Seriously, comparing the Nazi Party to a rag-tag group of Sepultura geeks and dudes in oversized Dickies beating up pansexual mall nymphs?

While the story itself is fascinating, it's also interesting to watch it wind its way through the media, from blog to blog, paper to paper, and finally the big mainstream media outlets.

Hernandez's own running list of coverage he's seen this week includes Boing Boing, Reason, Metafilter, The Stranger, ALT1040, Buzzfeed, Hipster Runoff, Idolator, Minnessota Public Radio, Free Republic, The Daily Swarm (who were quick to link and credit as well as to follow up with their own reporting), Prefix, Candy, Gawker, Salon, and Radar.

Several demonstrations, peaceful and otherwise, are planned for Saturday in Mexico City and Tijuana. Check back at LA Daily's Letter From Mexico City and Intersections for updates to this story.

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