Imagine our surprise when we walked into the Los Angeles Airport Marriott on Saturday for Anime LA and ran into Dr. Rockzo. Yes, the “rock 'n' roll clown” from Metalocalypse. Soon after, we found Dethklok lead singer Nathan Explosion and band manager Charles Foster Offdensen. We heard that Murderface was wandering around the convention, but, alas, we didn't see the bassist anywhere.

Offdensen kindly granted us permission to bring our cameras into a Dethklok meeting held somewhere in the vicinity of the cosplay repair station. What transpired is the stuff that makes us love conventions.

Metalocalypse (Anime LA Cosplay) from Shannon Cottrell on Vimeo.

And so, we here at West Coast Sound wanted to give a big shout out to the Metalocalypse cosplayers not only for referencing one of our favorite shows, but also for not falling into the Naruto cosplay trap. Thanks for keeping it brutal.

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

Credit: Shannon Cottrell

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