May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. It's when workers reflect on their rights. And some Americans even, er, reflect on themselves during this fine spring month. But most importantly, this is “Moustache May,” a time not only to celebrate a fine stache, but an excuse to grown one as well.

Men across the country are participating in “fund-a-stache!” as part of the seventh-annual Moustache May festivities. The idea is to grow one, raise money from sponsors, and donate cash to a charity of your choice. (As you can see by this roster, however, there are a lot of greasy staches, but there's not so much cash being raised).

It's all good. We think the mustache is the new hipster beard, a way to say you're a suave manly man (Tom Selleck) or perhaps a gay rock star (Freddie Mercury) — and anything in between. The mustache is magnetic.

We always admired '70s baseball pitcher Rollie Fingers, who had mad wax on his stache. Even Peter Griffin rocked one. And, really, he had the most-prophetic words when it comes to cultivating such facial hair: “With great mustache comes great responsibility.”

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