Last night during the Oscars, an unknown suspect walked up to 16-year-old couple Meldrick Melgoza and Carolina Ramirez and shot them dead, according to City News Service.

The couple, whose friends call them “Steam” and “Pinky” (respectively) on Twitter, were near the intersection of F Street and Bay View Avenue in Wilmington when they were murdered around 7:10 p.m.

Wilmington, located in the Harbor area, has had a soaring homicide rate so far this year:

NBC LA reports that five residents were killed in January alone, including the brutal slashing and possible rape of young mother Cristian Alvarez.

In effect, the community has been rallying for safer streets, and the LAPD had reportedly relocated a couple dozen officers to Wilmington by the end of January. Perhaps due to this extra caution, only one murder was reported in the area in February — until Melgoza and Ramirez were gunned down last night.

Wilmington's brand-new representative on the L.A. City Council, former police officer Joe Buscaino, is horrified and a little helpless in the aftermath of the double homicide. “This is disgusting,” he told NBC LA at the crime scene last night. “We as a community will not put up with this. To know that two teenagers were shot and killed here is unacceptable.”

The spot where two 16-year-olds were murdered last night.; Credit: CBS LA

The spot where two 16-year-olds were murdered last night.; Credit: CBS LA

Police have been telling reporters that they don't think the attack was gang-related. But the victims' friends on Twitter are lamenting the pointlessness of gangs in response to the shooting.

One of Melgoza's relatives apparently Tweeted from the hectic crime scene last night. “I heard my little nephew say 'wheres meldrick ?'” she wrote.

Did you know the victims? Any idea what could have been behind the gunfire? Please share below.

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