This summer Jerry Brown has been all over the Bell salary scandal, calling the millions in pay for city officials there “unbelievable,” and “outrageous.” He even sued, as Attorney General, to get cash back.

His Republican opponent for California governor, Meg Whitman, is calling hypocrisy on old J.B., saying that when Brown was mayor of Oakland he had “the 'best-compensated city administrator ' in the state.”

Now, highly paid Oakland city manager Robert Bobb was no Robert Rizzo (reported to have pulled in $1.5 million in the same job at Bell City Hall), but …

… according to the Oakland Tribune, in 2002 Bobb made “$224,500, plus a $750 monthly car allowance.” That's $266,185 accounting for inflation. It's not Bell money. Or even L.A. County money. It's closer to L.A. City Council money. But it's something. What Whitman's campaign is trying to say is that Brown had the Robert Rizzo of the time right under his nose as he ran Oakland.


Whitman campaign spokeswoman Andrea Jones Rivera tells LA Weekly (with disdain in her voice):

“It's pretty alarming. He's barnstorming the state saying that Bell pay was outrageous, which is true, and saying he's going to investigate other cities, when in fact the same thing was going on while he was mayor of Oakland. At that time he was the highest paid city administrator in the state. That's crazy.”

One caveat, however: While Bell City Council members stood by and collected their $100,000 salaries for part-time work, Brown actually fired Bobb.

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