California governor hopefuls Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown have both taken their fair share of pot shots this election season. It's gotten downright catty:

“Job killer.”




“Man-ica Lewinsky.”

“Boo. I'll only stop if Meg does.”

“No deal, sucker.”

But Whitman's recent trip down memory lane made it all too easy for the Democratic camp to retaliate on Monday:

“You know, 30 years ago, anything was possible in this state,” says Whitman. “You know that's why I came to California so many years ago.”

Wait, 30 years? Wasn't that…

Yep. Cue montage of Brown as a strapping young governor in the early '80s, “ditching” Reagan's limo and mansion to create jobs, balance budgets and launch California to greatness with his bare and charitable hands.

It's cheesy, sure, but it's actually a pretty good one. Your turn, Whitman. Bring it on.

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