We're the first ones to admit it: we can be pretty jaded people here at West Coast Sound. We don't excite easily. But we're SUPER, ULTRA STOKED about an announcement we've been planning for a while now. Here it goes:

Starting next week, Henry Rollins' exclusive column for the LA Weekly, which until now has been a web-only feature will start appearing in the print edition of our paper!

Yes Fanatics, now you will be able to enjoy the wit and wisdom of our star columnist as you have your weekend coffee and check out the concert ads (and diverse other enticements for decidedly non-straight-edge products).

We will continue posting Henry's notes for his Saturday KCRW radio show every Friday, and we will post his column for us here on West Coast Sound when it's ready to go to print.

As for this week's KCRW show notes…

… well, this week there is no Henry Rollins' KCRW show because they're going on full pledge-drive mode all the time.

As you know we gently mock KCRW here at West Coast Sound (oh, c'mon: how can Jason Bentley get mad when we call him a “sex vampire from planet Potter Barn”? He's fighting the good fight–Hi, Jason!), but we support them 200% in what they do, particularly as their funding is coming under attack by the new GOP-controlled Congress.

Please donate to them and to other Public Radio stations. Don't let that weeping man-size Oompa Loompa in Congress and a bunch of reactionary Stepford wives and husbands rule the airwaves.

Jason might be a sex vampire from planet Pottery Barn, but he is OUR sex vampire from planet Potter Barn, goddamit!

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