Meet Olya Zhilinskaya: the Face Yoga Queen You Didn’t Know You Needed.

Do you get overly conscious of your physical appearance as you age? This is normal. Many times, we’re caught on the hook of doing that, which is not wrong because being self-conscious is part of the human experience. However, as with anything else, there’s only a thin line between advantageous and excessiveness. Constant worrying can lead to anxiety, low self-confidence, and even depression. Olya Zhilinskaya is the fresh-faced face yoga queen helping people combat premature aging and the accompanying challenges.

To those unfamiliar, face yoga is like traditional yoga, but for your face as opposed to flexing those muscles for body parts. Olya uses her social platforms to share innovative face yoga exercises that can help relax and rejuvenate muscles in your neck, jawline, cheekbones, and eyes. These techniques prevent aging, improve posture, reduce anxiety and promote self-confidence.

Olya’s passion for face yoga was born during the pandemic. In a recent interview with, the wellness instructor shared that she began her face yoga journey when she started researching natural ways to improve her overall facial appearance. The concept of face yoga intrigued her right from the start, and she instantly jumped in to explore. She took lots of professional education and broadened her scope of this topic from different angles, such as anatomy, psychosomatics, and the chakra system.

“Major results are better posture, fresher and more nourished skin, improved blood circulation and some wrinkles disappeared. As a testimonial, I feel younger as the day passes,” she shares on Instagram. “And to my surprise, I got off the skincare products I was previously addicted to. By using self-massages and other techniques, I activated all natural skin potentials that help it regenerate and self-nourish itself.”

Seeing these results, Olya wanted more and opted for professional education to broaden her perspective on this subject; some courses she took included anatomy, psychosomatics, and the chakra system. “Education is continuous, and learning never ends; given this, I have not relented despite my diplomas and other certifications,” Olya shares. Olya’s knowledge has granted her the avenue to harness her passion into a profession to help countless people reap the benefits of natural remedies to common problems. Her goal is to share her skills and passion with everyone so they can fall in love just as she did and experience the benefits.

To do that, Olya uses her platforms to share practical tips and tricks that can help improve the posture, health, and wellness of different parts. “Face yoga is not only about working with face muscles, but with the chakra system as well, as our face has a projection of all body chakras on it,” Olya shared in a recent Instagram post.

“By self-massaging the chin, we open up Root Chakra, which affects physical vitality. Lips – Sacral chakra, connected to creativity and sexuality. Nose and Cheeks – Solar Plexus Chakra determines discipline, goal achievement, and money. Eyes – Heart Chakra, which means love, compassion, and emotional balance. Eyebrows – Throat Chakra, which is connected to self-expression, and communication. Forehead – Brow Chakra, our intuition, seeing the bigger picture and finally, hairline – Crown Chakra, our divine beginning and connection to the Universe.”

Olya further breaks down the processes by uploading regular instructional videos with step-by-step guides to achieve the desired results. From tense jaw muscles to full lips and smoother noses, Olya has natural remedies to help people look and feel their best. Outside social media, Olya offers individual consultations and group classes for customized solutions.

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