Meet Morlyfe: The 19 Year Old Visionary Bringing Positivity to the Rap Industry


The rap industry is often filled with negative messages and imagery. Rap songs are usually filled with violence, drugs, crime, money, and materialism. Morlyfe is one of the few rappers who wants to change this trend. Born and raised by Ethiopian immigrant parents in Sacramento, California, Morlyfe never felt like he belonged in his early years. That changed to a large extent when he discovered music and started pursuing it diligently. He started rapping and writing songs about his life experiences, hoping to help others overcome challenges as he did, and that’s how his career was born.

In his music, Morlyfe offers an alternative to the usual bleakness of rap songs and promotes positivity in the face of adversity. As a first-generation immigrant, that’s a topic he’s well versed in. Besides the alienation he felt because of his race and skin color, Morlyfe has also experienced extreme poverty in his life. That happened when he went back to Ethiopia and lived there for a few years. During that period, he also lost several family members, which made him realize how brief human life is and how easily it can be snuffed. Those memories inspire him to write great music and remind him to make the most out of every opportunity that arises in his life.

Despite being in one of the most competitive spaces, Morlyfe’s fresh style gives him an edge over his peers in the rap genre. For one, he incorporates bits of his cultural experiences into his music. Morlyfe grew up listening to various Afro-inspired and American music, which inspired his earliest styles. Some of his musical icons include artists like the Weeknd, Fall Out Boy, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert, to name a few. A self-proclaimed forward thinker, Morlyfe has kept up with underground artists for many years, which offers him a unique perspective on emerging trends in the rap industry.

Second, he’s innovative and creative, which has enabled him to create a unique style that’s distinct from the current industry standard. Morlyfe uses a more melodic and catchy rap style, and supplements it with an effortless ability to freestyle on the go. Morlyfe’s third strength is his wordplay. Unlike artists who craft profanity-laden lyrics and rhymes to get ahead, Morlyfe’s strength lies in his ability to create a message that resonates with the listener. He uses his art to spread positivity, peace, and hope, values he believes the world desperately needs, especially in the present social and political climate. Morlyfe believes there’s more to this life, and everyone should aspire to enjoy each day as if there’s no tomorrow.

In the less than two years since Morlyfe began doing music full time, his efforts have paid off, and he’s achieved major milestones he never thought he could. Some of them include performing shows on college campuses in San Diego and growing his network in the music industry. Morlyfe’s audience on social and streaming platforms has also skyrocketed. From freestyling over his friend’s beats to now performing in front of thousands of college students, Morlyfe remains committed to more growth and development. His vision is to expand his music business, perform at bigger shows, and maybe even start his own label one day and change the lives of other up-and-coming artists.

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