Meet LoveThrive™: The Magazine-Community Platform for Content Creators Who Want to Amplify Social Good

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We’re all in this together, so it would make sense that when one feels genuinely connected with others on a deep level, it often leads to self-empowerment and self-love, followed by a more intense calling within to create profound positive change. Awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and people is the alchemy that can bring us together to make more meaningful, heart-centered contributions to society. Technology undoubtedly expands our reach and allows us the free will to use it to influence culture positively or negatively. The need has never been greater than it is now to consciously choose what messages we are taking in and sending out.

A new human-centered online magazine-community platform will soon soften the competitive nature associated with existing social media platforms and publications by eliminating the infinite chase forced upon content creators and users caused by the use of algorithms. LoveThrive™, built on a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) foundation, is designed to create a space that supports creatives, businesses, and brands in sharing enriching and purposeful content to make a real social impact. The growing community is committed to maintaining a foundation rooted in social good encompassing sustainability, diversity, equality, inclusion, animal rights, mental health, and human rights.

LoveThrive™ Founder and Brand Product Manager, Yume Herod, has an extensive background in tech consulting, program management, and product development. Bringing a woman, minority voice to SaaS has been one of her lifelong career goals, in addition to leaving a lasting legacy on social change. She has always loved documentaries and storytelling about people and how they had to face insurmountable challenges to get to where they are throughout history.

“So many people want to see positive change in our world, but they don’t know where to start,” says Herod. “Our niche platform will give people that opportunity so they can make a difference no matter how small. It’s like the butterfly effect.”

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LoveThrive™ harbors a natural environment by connecting users with information that resonates with their unique lifestyles through user-generated content. It joins members to foster intimate collaboration, and networking through authentic storytelling. The grassroots platform offers a refreshing alternative to existing websites, where relevant content intended for specific individuals oftentimes goes unseen or buried.

“Leveraging inspirational stories in a creative way can be incredibly refreshing to share with others and to inspire our future generation of leaders,” says Herod. “With our approach, we can provide meaningful experiences with a more tight-knit community.”

The team at LoveThrive™ is more passionate about leveraging tech to support humans and less about small to medium-sized brands having to compete with major brands.

Herod reveals the official beta launch of LoveThrive™ is planned for early 2023. The platform will be free to use with optional paid premium add-ons and monetization features.

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