Meduso is All About That Bass: L.A.-based Boston native Meduso started producing music about four years ago.

“I had been a drummer most of my life, and played around in garageband for fun here and there, but never truly produced anything before 2018,” he says. “As I began to become more familiar with the writing and producing process, I really started to get excited by the boundless amount of creative freedom, self expression, and storytelling it had. I was hooked. DJing kind of was happening simultaneously. I had loved all types of electronic music most my life, so realized that I would have to know how to DJ to be able to perform my music! But I quickly fell in love with that as well!”

He describes his sound as a blend of genres.

“I’d say my sound today is in the world of psychedelic, heavy metal, bass music… working title,” he says with a laugh. “The first few projects I’ve released have all had a theme of these dark, warping and winding basslines that were influenced by earlier 2010 era dubstep, deeper 140 stuff, and some psychedelic/ heavy rock synths and drums. A little ’90s hip hop too. A lot of the newer projects I’ve been working on continue to push all of these influences on even further, especially in the psychedelic and metal departments. I really want to push my music to be able to storytell through sound. Whether that be through sound design, lyrics, or another medium, I’m excited to explore it all!”

Meduso says that he feels fortunate because neither his health nor is work were severely affected by the pandemic.

“I have been working from home however since the first lockdown so my creativity on the other hand, took some… adapting,” he says. “I hadn’t realized how much what I was writing was influenced by just normal everyday life. Now my life was confined to my apartment and my main source of inspiration came from a screen. I had a real hard time creating anything that felt authentic or exciting at first. I decided to change my creative process a little by doing more “themed writing” where Id write based on anything from a movie scene, to an emotion, to nature, opposed to my much more “experiment until something sounded cool” approach before. The pandemic also allowed me to almost pause for a second, and reassess my priorities and goals for the future. It has made me realize my ultimate goal is chasing free expression through music, visual art, or any medium that allows me to share my take on my experience here, create and share emotion, and have some fun while doing it.”

He says that his forthcoming EP is a fun, energetic set of songs.

“I wrote all these tracks this past summer as the world began to open back up and I was ready to play some shows and have some fun again,” Meduso says. “Something I was really focusing on with these tracks was starting with the drum grooves and adding some bounce while keeping the energy high. I hope these tracks can create some energy in the listener and let people get wild and get down!”

Looking  ahead, Meduso has plenty planned for 2022.

“I’m currently focusing on my first headlining show at the end of February in Denver, the bass capital of the world” he says. “Working hard there to showcase what my vision is for curated shows and experiences. Following that, I’ll be supporting ILLENIUM at his Hampton Coliseum run in Virginia, then a few festival dates this Summer. My overall goal in 2022 is to continue learning and growing, while writing a bunch more music and creating as much art as I can!”

Meduso is All About That Bass

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