How great is the show House? Fuck Grey's Anatomy, that show is so lame, I feel bi-polar watching it— is it a farse comedy? a serious medical drama? It can't make up it's mind and just as we're supposed to be freaking out about some pandemic, we're thrust in to some love triangle we could give two shits about. But House, House is really good. It reminds me of Law & Order: CI, where Doctor Dr. Gregory House is like Vincent D'Onofrio with a medical degree. House is a thoroughly flawed human being, who knows other thoroughly flawed human beings, well enough to cure them.

Well now the hit medical drama is selling t-shirts to raise awareness for mental illness. Proceeds from sales, which begins today at www.housecharitytees.com will go to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

The shirts bear the series catchphrase “Everybody Lies” and they cost is $19.95 each. The sale begins today (Monday, April 23rd) and runs for a limited time only.

Maybe they can do something for all the mental damage inflicted by Grey's Anatomy….

LA Weekly