Three mean girls who admitted to painting swastikas and leaving what is apparently dog poop on the front walkway of a foe's Northridge home were kicked out of high school, according to none other than former Saturday Night Live star Jon Lovitz.

He tweeted the sweet news this week after defending the victim, who's the daughter of friends.

The three teens won't be arrested, cops say, but …

… the mom of one of the three could be in trouble because she allegedly drove the trio to the home, according to what LAPD Capt. Kris Pitcher told the Jewish Journal.

Credit: @realjonlovitz

Credit: @realjonlovitz

(We reached out to Pitcher but we were told that he was not talking and that we'd need to speak with detectives who were unavailable).

Way to create a teaching moment, mom.

It all happened April 3. According to the Journal:

On Tuesday morning, April 3, a Northridge Jewish family awoke to find three swastikas and the word “Jew” written in maple syrup on their front walkway. The homeowner, who spoke with The Journal on condition of anonymity, said maple syrup also covered his front door as well as two cars parked in front of the home. Feces were also found near the home's front door and toilet paper was strewn in the property's trees.

Police said the three girls could not be pursued because the vandalism caused no permanent damage. Really. If they were young Latino boys, however, we're sure cops would have found some way, some how, to get them in handcuffs.

Anyway, the homeowner, apparently, is the son of holocaust survivors, on top of all this.



Lovitz took to Twitter to defend the victims, saying “This is an insult to all of us.”

Then, earlier this week, he declared victory:

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