Buttermilk Truck launches the evening of November 11th at The Brig in Venice (via LAist).

The Grilled Cheese Truck, which launched last week, just posted this week's schedule on their website. Today, Brentwood. Tomorrow, on KTLA.

Flying Pig Truck, which hit the streets in mid-October, is on Cahuenga for lunch today.

Both Get Shaved Truck, running since last year, and Border Grill Truck will be at Sherman Oaks' Woodman Avenue farmers market today.

For updates and current locations of the some 2 dozen L.A. food trucks currently on the streets of this city, check Find LA Food Trucks or follow the LA Times' Elina Shatkin's list on Twitter. And for a postcard of life in this town, or perhaps the Platonic ideal of a Los Angeles food truck, check out this picture:

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