Why mess with a good thing? To make it better, of course! And some fast food menu items could use a little improvement. But others are already perfectly made — therefore, it’s somewhat normal to wonder why there’s an upcoming McDonalds burger recipe change. The iconic fast food chain, however, believes that the slight tweak in some of their menu items will make people “McHappy!”

The Upcoming McDonald’s Burger Recipe Change

McDonald’s announced last April 17 that they will be altering some of their menu items. Their burgers are the ones that will undergo significant changes — such as the Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, Double Cheeseburgers, McDouble Burgers, and Big Mac sandwiches.

If you’re living in Canada, Belgium, or Australia, then you might have already noticed the changes in the recipes. Additionally, if you’re from the West Coast or Southwest, and you recently paid a visit to the Golden Arches, then you might’ve already tasted the “upgraded” McDonald’s burgers as well.

If not, we’ll fill you in on the recent McDonalds burger recipe change!

  • Buns

Some people are very particular about burger buns. So here’s a change you might like — McDonald’s buns will be softer and fluffier!

  • Patties

Burgers aren’t burgers unless there’s at least one patty. According to the fast food empire, McDonald’s burger patties will also undergo an improvement! Their patties will have a more caramelized flavor — as they’ll be adding white onions while they’re grilling their patties.

  • Cheese

Almost everyone loves cheese. And when it comes to burgers, most people prefer a perfectly melted slice of it — and that’s what McDonald’s will provide soon!

  • Big Mac Sauce

Most fast food lovers know a McDonald’s burger even when they blindly taste one! And for many fans, it’s because of the Big Mac sauce on…well…the Big Mac. And if that’s what you seek when ordering their burgers, good news: they’ll add more of their special sauce soon!

According to McDonald’s Corporation, their “Resident Mischief-Maker” is also making a comeback — Harmburglar! They want their customers to be on the lookout for the “OG Hamburger Influencer” in their upcoming TV commercial.

Why the McDonalds Burger Recipe Change?

According to Chef Chad Schafer, McDonald’s USA’s Senior Director of Culinary Innovation, the McDonalds burger recipe change is a combination of small tweaks resulting in a big impact. “We found that small changes, like tweaking our process to get hotter, meltier cheese and adjusting our grill settings for a better sear, added up to a big difference in making our burgers more flavorful than ever,” he said in a recent press release.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s modified its menu items. Before the year 1990, their French fries were fried in tallow instead of the current vegetable oil. And in 1992, they stopped frying their apple pies — these days, they bake the pies.

Other Fast Food Menu Changes

The upcoming McDonalds burger recipe change is just one adjustment in the ongoing quest for fast food perfection. Fast food joints constantly reformulate their recipes and menu items to innovate, cut back on costs, and keep up with their consumers’ demands. These changes may initially seem insignificant — until the customers taste the difference! Sometimes, they work. Other times, however, they don’t!

  • KFC Potato Wedges

KFC may be known for its savory and juicy chicken, but its potato wedges were popular as well! And in a (fast food) world where French fries are commonly sold, KFC’s potato wedges were loved because they were different — until they switched to selling French fries like the others!

  • Wendy’s French Fries

Americans sure love French fries! And Wendy’s best-selling item — their “natural-cut, skin-on, sea-salted” hot and crispy fries — also underwent some changes. Their goal was to make their French fries stay crispy for a longer amount of time. However, this didn’t seem to click well with some of their consumers. According to a Brand Eating review, Wendy’s French fries had a “slight fried batter taste” that made it “taste less potato-y,”

  • Chick-fil-A Sandwich Size

Unlike the promised McDonalds burger recipe change, not all menu tweaks are appreciated by consumers. Chick-fil-A hasn’t released a statement about the changes in their sandwich size, but some people on the internet think that the restaurant’s sandwiches have gotten slightly smaller. Reddit user hamboneclay posted on r/ChickFilA asking fellow users if their order looks smaller. They said, “The second I took a bite something just felt off like it was way smaller than I remember, I remember it being 1.5x bigger at least,”

  • Taco John’s Sauce

Not everyone will pay too much attention to hot sauce packets — unless it’s from Taco John’s. Their popular hot sauce packets not only got smaller in size, but they seem to have also altered the hot sauce recipe. In an article by The Takeout, they claim that the new sauce tastes similar to Taco Bell’s Fire Sauce.

  • Domino’s

Domino’s changed the majority of their recipes. They wanted to cut back on the time preparing their pizzas — so they can deliver their food faster; the pizza joint altered the recipe for their dough, changed their cheese blend, and sourced their toppings from different suppliers. However, the result was a disaster. Many claim that their reinvented pizza “tasted like cardboard.” Fortunately, Domino’s listened to their patrons’ complaints. They have since launched a campaign to improve their recipes.


The new McDonalds burger recipe change may seem minor, but it could cause a major uproar — as most of their customers have been “lovin’” the McDonald’s burgers that they’re familiar with for decades! Moreover, based on the list, it seems like recipe changes aren’t exactly welcomed and loved by the fast food restaurants’ consumers that much — but if you’re already in an area where your McDonald’s branch is selling the tweaked burgers, go ahead and try them for yourself!

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