Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was reportedly chosen to be ambassador to India by President Joe Biden, according to the Associated Press.

While reports did not say when the announcement would officially be made, Garcetti would be making his way to India at a time when a COVID-19 surge has infected a 7-day average of 237,000 and killed more than 4,000 per day.

Garcetti would end his term a year early after just presenting a 2021-2022 budget to the L.A. City Council, with nearly $1 billion being dedicated to homelessness. In contrast, when Garcetti took over as mayor in 2013, $10 million were being dedicated to combat homelessness.

Also expected to be nominated to ambassadorship is former senior State Department official Nicholas Burns, who would serve as ambassador to China.

On Wednesday morning, Biden asked the U.S. intelligence to “redouble” its investigation on the origins of the COVID-19 virus. This comes days after Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a Politifact interview, that the U.S. should “continue to investigate what went on in China.” Fauci later clarified that he still believes the virus origins were likely natural.

The AP anonymous source could not comment publicly on the president’s nominations and the White House said “no one is final until they’re announced.”

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