Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa planned to promote his initiative to speed up subway construction and other public-transportation projects as part of Tuesday's “Get L.A. Off Oil” day events. (This is not to be confused with the San Fernando Valley-based porn industry's “Get L.A. Off With Sensual Oil” day festivities, although either is thought to be an environmentally sound proposition).

As always, Villaraigosa would be using the moment to deflect energy to his own vanity project, the so called 30/10 Initiative that would reduce the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's 30-year light-rail build-out to 10 years with the okay (and billions) of Washington.

The mayor will kick of “Get L.A. Off Oil” day at 1 p.m. on the south lawn of City Hall. Ed Begley Jr. and Peter Fonda will be there, so you know this is an ultra-green happening.

Villaraigosa's office states that the 12-project 30/10 plan, which would include his beloved “Subway to the Sea” down Wilshire Boulevard, would result in “the elimination of more than 500,000 pounds of emissions” and save “10.3 million gallons of gasoline per year.”

That's a lot of gas, or at least a little hot air (because, while we're not too sure many Westsiders would give up their Benzes for the tube, we do know the projects would create lots of jobs for Villaraigosa's union buddies and would probably even see a line or a building named after him).

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