Sounds pretty awesome to us: Vintner and Musician Maynard James Keenan, best known for his work with Tool and A Perfect Circle (and Caduceus Cellars), will bring his long running Puscifer project, a cabaret/circus/Vaudeville/music act, to LA for the first time on April 4. The act/band/whatever played its first-ever performances a few weeks ago in Vegas, though the project has been cooking for a long time. (according to the Internets, the band actually “formed” on the tv show Mr. Show, starring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, when Keenan and Adam Jones debuted the band in a skit.)

Keenan released the first Puscifer full-length in 2007, the unfortunately named V is for Vagina (at least unfortunate until the remix album came out and it was called V is For Viagra, which somehow made the first title seem funny and okay.) D is for Dubby, a roaring Lustmord reworking, also came out in 08.

The Vegas performances took place Feb.13-15, and were greeted with many huzzahs. One LV reviewer name-checked a lot of heavy-hitters when describing the events of the night: “Puscifer's set seemed to take a cue from such disparate influences as Andy Kaufman, Mr. Show, the Talking Heads, Bill Hicks, Tangerine Dream, Killing Joke and lots more.”

Sounds a lot more entertaining than watching mopers mope on Silver Lake stages. Finally, some production!

LA Weekly