Matt Kahn’s Upcoming Book And Documentary Gives Audiences An Intimate Look At His Life-Changing Work

Matt Kahn’s teachings have revolutionized the healing journey by showing millions of people how to heal through love.

Healing is a journey that takes a lot of courage to embark on, but it’s one with endless reward. With a gift to deeply connect with other individuals, it’s something that Matt Kahn understood from a very young age. For almost two decades, the well admired “I Love You Guy,” has weaved his way into the hearts of millions of individuals, bringing with him the power of love and its ability to heal. 

Kahn is an intuitive healer, author, and YouTube sensation whose teachings have enriched people’s lives and assisted them through life-changing transformations. Throughout his career, he has facilitated more than 12,700 personal healing sessions where individuals have been able to find peace and heal wounds that have been preventing them from stepping into their power.

In today’s society, too many individuals hold onto pain and struggle to show love toward themselves, their experiences, or their symptoms. This is something that Kahn is determined to change, and it’s what prompted him to revolutionize healing and reteach spirituality from a more loving perspective. 

“When I started working as a healer, I realized that although a lot of people value love as the highest vibration in existence and as the deepest truth, they’re not relying on it to assist them through their healing journey,” Kahn says. “Sometimes we associate love as being an admission of preference, that if I were to say I love war, I’m saying I agree with war. I don’t love war on any level, but what I do know is the power of love to heal the hearts of people who are perpetuating war,” he explains. 

With this unique perspective, Kahn developed a meditation practice where one does not sit in silence and wrestle with their thoughts. Instead, they sit and embody love. His methodologies have allowed him to become a person who teaches others how to love themselves. “I help people transform their lives in such a way that they’re always aligned with their spirit and not so attached to their ego. That way, they can heal their core wounds and undergo a shift of consciousness where they can become more rooted in love, kindness, and compassion,” he says. 

For the first time in history, Kahn’s healing has been captured on film in his upcoming documentary, “Healed By Love.” The documentary is a beautiful celebration of healing and illustrates in a cinematic way that there is help in this uncertain, divided world. In addition to following along the experiences of the individuals whom Kahn has helped, the documentary also dives into his personal life as the person behind this global love movement. 

Kahn has built his platform on the foundation of love, and in the process, has written best-selling books including “Whatever Arises, Love That,” “The Universe Always Has a Plan,” and “Everything Is Here To Help You.” His upcoming documentary supports the arrival of his upcoming book, “All for Love.”

“My first book, “Whatever Arises, Love That,” was about learning how to reconnect to all aspects of your life in a more meaningful, mindful, and loving way as the central focus of a new spiritual paradigm,” he says. 

Kahn wrote “All for Love,” to provide you with a more functional roadmap to not just knowing love as a concept, or as being something you have on a t- shirt or a bumper sticker, but how you can actually utilize it as the most powerful force in existence at a time when the world needs transformation the most.

“As we remember our value by being acknowledged, seen, and heard, we can remember a deeper truth within ourselves no matter how others choose to behave,” he says. 

“The new spiritual paradigm is one that’s rooted in love. It is expressed by compassion, it is about expanding your consciousness in the utmost heart-centered way,” he continues. 

“When we rely on love as our source of inner nourishment, we invite greater transformation into our lives that can resolve core wounds in rather miraculous ways. As many people continue to discover on a daily basis, self-love is the key that unlocks the door to emotional freedom” he shares. Pre-order a copy of Kahn’s upcoming book, “All for Love,” and receive free instant access to his highly awaited documentary, “Healed by Love.” 

“In a world of endless questions, love is the answer,” he says.

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