Mastering the Art of Dating: Tips from 8 Top Dating Coaches and Matchmakers

Embarking on a fulfilling dating journey can be both exciting and challenging. That’s why we’ve crafted “Mastering the Art of Dating: Tips from 8 Top Dating Coaches and Matchmakers” to guide you through the intricacies of modern romance. This insightful article offers a curated collection of wisdom from renowned dating experts, providing practical advice on effective communication, building connections, and navigating the complexities of attraction. Discover invaluable insights that will empower you to approach dating with confidence, authenticity, and a deeper understanding of what it takes to find meaningful connections. 

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Michelle G | Celebrity Matchmaker & Relationship Expert

Her advice: Expand your horizons and consider dating someone outside of your usual ‘type’—even if it means crossing cultural boundaries. Don’t buy into the misconceptions surrounding intercultural dating, because the truth is, these relationships offer incredible opportunities for personal growth, cultural awareness, and building fulfilling connections. Sure, it can be both rewarding and challenging, but the key lies in being open to learning about each other’s cultural backgrounds, values, and beliefs while embracing your differences. Engage in open and honest conversations, practice empathy, and remember that patience is key when navigating the cultural nuances of dating. Approach these differences with sensitivity and respect, steer clear of stereotypes, and seek support whenever necessary.

Bio: Telly award winner, certified matchmaker to the stars, author,  host of an award-winning TV show and nationally sought-after dating & relationship expert, Michelle G has one mission: to help the world’s leading entrepreneurs, executives, celebrities and A-listers navigate the modern love landscape and find their person.

As the CEO of Incredible Love, Michelle G brings her unique blend of science, psychology and understanding of the human psyche to her audience sharing her dating and relationship expertise on national outlets such as TLC, NBC, Telemundo, VH1 & Notoriety Network’s Fix My Love Life with Michelle G. With a 96% success rate and many years of expertise she has helped countless people find and keep the love they want and improve their relationships with themselves.  Follow Michelle on Instagram

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Rachel London, VIP + Celebrity Matchmaker & Dating Expert

Her advice: The realm of modern dating offers an unparalleled opportunity to transcend the common difficulties often faced by singles. When approached with the proper mindset and tools, I am extremely optimistic about the creation of deeply nourishing, valuable relationships, even in the face of a devolving dating environment. It has never been easier to stand out among the crowd and break through the noise. Although obstacles and transient interactions are bound to occur along the journey,  I stand firmly in my belief that the transformative power of authentic love can prevail and create enduring joy.

Here are some key points to bear in mind: 1) It’s not them, it’s you. People will treat you how you allow them to and no one is perfect. Check your expectations of yourself and others. 2) Evaluate self-imposed barriers and see what beliefs are no longer serving you. 3) Harness the power of foresight. 4) Don’t write people off because they don’t check every box on an exhaustive list. It’s good to know what you value fundamentally, but maintain an open mindset and allow life to surprise you. 5) Make sure you seek quality guidance. There’s a lot of noise leading to confusion and dysfunction.

Bio: Rachel London is a powerhouse in the world of matchmaking, boasting an impressive resume as an elite matchmaker, Stanford University alumna, and chart-topping singer. With a clientele that spans the realm of celebrities, influencers, and high-profile individuals, Rachel’s expertise has been sought by professional athletes, billionaires, Nobel Peace Prize winners, NASA scientists, and even presidential candidates.

Combining her remarkable background with genuine passion, Rachel has cultivated an indispensable dating service that spans the globe. Through a carefully curated network of handpicked singles, she skillfully orchestrates connections that are both harmonious and authentic. While based in California, Rachel’s influence knows no bounds as she extends her reach internationally, ensuring clients worldwide can benefit from her unparalleled expertise in fostering genuine relationships.  Beyond her matchmaking prowess, Rachel London has also emerged as a trusted source and author, offering reliable advice and fostering personal growth. Her guidance transcends the challenges and dysfunction of modern dating, making her the ultimate authority in the realm of love. Connect with Rachel on Instagram

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Vince Ricco, Premier Matchmaker & Writer

His advice: Get out of your own way, and don’t feel self-conscious about getting help when you need it. It’s great to identify your values and “deal breakers,” but a laundry list of must-have items often serves as a tall wall between you and finding your person, and a widely missed secret is: even if you could find every single thing you’re looking for on paper, you might not have chemistry with that person once you find them. 

Most people have trauma that leaks into their love life, and everyone has some bias. A therapist, coach, or professional matchmaker can help you sort through some of that, and arm you against a surplus of content out there that might not be helpful to you specifically. Pro tip: Not everyone needs to love themselves perfectly and heal all wounds to be ready to share affection, but putting in the work that applies to your own emotional reality is a great launching point for finding your partner.

Bio: Vince is a DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion)-focused matchmaker, blog author, and industry thought leader for America’s #1 matchmaking service, Tawkify. With a wide-ranging background in business, the arts, and psychology, his work centers on the dating experiences of LGTBQ+ individuals, offering illuminating, critical thinking and data-driven solutions to our pursuit of success and companionship. 

Through his perceptive and empathetic lens, his blog invites readers on a journey unraveling the complexities and bittersweet reality of modern dating, all with a deliberately cheeky sprinkle of whimsy. Don’t miss out on Vince’s captivating insights—follow his blog and join real conversations on Tawkify social media platforms for candid commentary that explores our modern emotional existence, and some fun and compelling takeaways. Feel free to connect with Vince on LinkedIn.

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Kelly Brändli, The One Coaching & Matchmaking / Dating & Relationship Coach, Executive Matchmaker

Her advice: While many believe mastering dating skills guarantees love, in reality, attracting a partner is merely the beginning. True love demands more than saying the right words or making grand gestures. It requires freeing oneself from past baggage, forging an unshakeable self-esteem that recognizes one’s worth, understanding one’s authentic self to find a truly compatible partner, establishing unwavering security to exude genuine confidence, cultivating profound connections that touch the soul, and building an indomitable trust foundation. These are the pillars of lasting love, and without them, even the most skilled dater may find meaningful, enduring relationships elusive.

Bio: Kelly Brändli, a leading European dating & relationship coach and love mentor, has dedicated her life to transforming the love lives of countless individuals, specializing in helping singles after divorce find love again. Incorporating science, research and psychology as well as years of on-field experience, Kelly isn’t just another dating coach; she’s a relationship architect. From dissecting past traumas to building foundations of trust, her holistic approach has proven to be a game changer in the dating industry.

She also has extensive knowledge in the area of ADHD and helps singles and couples navigate the choppy waters of building relationships where neurodiversity is at play. With a passion that emanates from personal experience of finding The One after her own divorce, she’s on a mission to ensure that love isn’t just about finding someone, but about creating an everlasting bond. Kelly is the secret weapon for many when it comes to finding true love and maintaining it. Watch her free Dating Masterclass at or follow her on LinkedIn

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Emyli Lovz and Thomas Anthony, Dating Coaches for Men and Co-Founders of emlovz

Their advice: Know who your dream woman is before you start dating. This means getting analytical and creating an ideal girlfriend profile. Create an avatar that you can use to steer your search and decision-making process. This profile will keep you centered throughout your MegaDating journey. MegaDating is our dating philosophy that encourages and teaches men to date prolifically. Doing so exposes you to a variety of women in a short period of time. Think of it as a shortcut to finding your ideal partner. Dating so many women at once will also lower anxiety, improve your dating skills, help you avoid settling, and refine who your ideal partner is. Turn dating into a fun experiment that ultimately ends with you finding your dream woman. 

Bio: During her studies at UC Berkeley, Emyli Lovz embarked upon a 100-date experiment. This in-depth exploration of dating culminated in her meeting Thomas Anthony, who not only became her fiancé but also the co-founder of emlovz. The insights from their collective dating experiences coalesced into the best-in-class coaching program, Dating Decoded. 

Now recognized as America’s #1 dating coach for men, their program includes a lifetime membership with unlimited coaching from their team of experts, access to private mock dates, style sessions, sex & intimacy coaching, custom meal planning and workout routines, applied conversation trainings, accountability buddies and a brotherhood of high achieving single men.

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May Kalinu, Luxury Dating Coach and  Matchmaker

Her advice: “Prioritize self-awareness and embrace the mantra, ‘Spoil Yourself First.’ Understand and value yourself before entering the dating world; it attracts the right partners and sets the tone for genuine relationships. While modern lives can trivialize dating, see it as a luxurious journey. Slow down and connect with those aligned with your aspirations. Each date is a self-discovery opportunity. Particularly for people of color, revel in your unique identity. Authenticity remains paramount; amidst media’s influence, true connections are distinctive. Remember, the journey’s lessons are the heart of love.” – May Kalinu, Spoiled Girl™

Bio: May Kalinu – Dating Coach & Matchmaker, teaches luxury dating to successful men and women by building confidence and encouraging them to “Spoil Yourself First” or to get to know themselves first. May Kalinu, or Spoiled Girl™, specializes in providing a full-service luxury matchmaking experience for time-conscious, successful, and affluent clientele.  

May’s dating service includes coaching, prospect searching, date organizing, date follow-up, and client communication. May’s audience appreciates her refreshing take on dating through the lens of a woman of color. May is fast becoming a sought-after coach and media darling, having been featured on Vice’s i-D, Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and on Tom Segura’s Podcast.  Follow @maykalinu

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Bex Burton – Dating and Relationship Communications Specialist

Her advice: Relational skills aren’t inherent. We were not taught how to date or communicate in school, and few of us had healthy relationships modeled to us as young people. The good news is that healthy, lasting love is created through intentional energy and learnable skills. Energetically we want to show up in the world as our best selves, and move through life with authenticity, empathy and compassion. Tactically, we can skill up in our emotional awareness and communication to help foster deeper connections and more meaningful relationships. Remember, it’s all practice. Regardless of the outcome of the date you’re on right now, showing up with emotional regulation, integrity, and respect is good practice in service of the relationship you want to last. 

Bio: Bex Burton is a Dating & Relationship Communication Specialist, & trauma-informed certified life coach for independent, midlife women who are tired of dating disappointments and ready to attract and grow healthy, lasting love. After working with Bex, clients feel less frustration, more confidence, enjoy higher quality dates, and more meaningful romantic relationships. When she’s not improving women’s love lives, catch Bex on her roller skates, in the wilderness with her hunny, or on the floor with her two kitties. Download her free Intentional Dating Toolkit at or connect with her on LinkedIn

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May Bugenhagen, Asian Matchmaker and Dating Coach

Her advice: Ask, “I wonder what you would do if I kissed you?” if you’re trying to get consent for making your move! Keep it flirty and fun. To not get “friend-zoned” on a date, within the first ten minutes, compliment your date. Find something you like about them and tell them. You can say, “Just knowing you for ten minutes, it seems like you’re really great with first impressions. You’re confident and warm.” Or, “Just meeting you for ten minutes, it seems like you’re a very social person.” This is a great way to express what you think, give them a compliment, and give them a chance to correct you, if you’re wrong…and start a conversation.

If you’re not good at flirting, find someone (for example, a dating coach who specializes in flirting) who can help you get some hands-on experience. Practice talking to strangers. Get comfortable flirting with strangers. The point of flirting is exchanging banter without being attached to the outcome. You’re not asking for a date. You’re just having fun conversing, so when you’re on a date with someone you care about, you’re relaxed.

Learn how to ask your date questions that are charming and easy-going. Have a playful mindset! Instead of asking what someone does for a living, say something like, “I’m going to guess what you do for a living. Tell me two truths and one lie about your job.” And see what happens from there. Hopefully, your date is creative and you two have a laugh. The whole point of a date is to see if you want to see that person again. You should be such splendid company that they want to see you again. You made them feel so good that they want a second date! That means you are a great dater! 

Bio: May Bugenhagen, outsourcing your dating to a professional can ease stress and enhance results. Remember, every experience, whether or not successful, is a step closer to finding your perfect match. Men gain an unfair dating advantage and overcome frustration with May’s help. With over a decade of matchmaking and dating coach experience, May has a unique approach to finding Asian women for her male clients. Asian women are welcome to apply to join May’s free database, get dating tips on “The Asian Dating Podcast,” and connect with May on Instagram

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