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Introduction To Bioptimizers Masszymes Reviews:

In the current scenario, to get a dream body is still a dream for many. We want to get ripped, we want to get strong, and we want to maintain a healthy body. Though we have adequate training to keep our body healthy and productive, diet and food play a crucial role in reaching our dream body. To maintain our body in this digital lifestyle is a question mark. Now let us see what a dream body is.

The dream body is all about having strong muscles and performs more with the same energy levels throughout the day. Protein plays a crucial role in building mass muscles. We should take protein-rich food to build muscles. In other words, muscles are developed with proteins. Eating an adequate amount of protein promotes muscle growth. There are about 10000 types of proteins found in our body, from organs to muscles and tissues.

Masszymes reviews

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But just eating protein is enough?

Physical activity is a must to build your muscles. That’s is why people hit the gyms to reach their dream body. Gyms and physical training centers can only guide you to build muscles. But it is essential to gain strong and healthy muscles. Physical workout along with the proper protein diets is necessary. Taking the right amount of protein is ok but are you aware of whether your muscle absorbs those proteins that you take regularly? When we take protein, our body breaks down those protein sources into amino acids, otherwise called individual building blocks. These building blocks are necessary for everyday living and to improve muscles’ strength. Due to some changing circumstances, a person’s protein requirement increases to control certain conditions like aging or strenuous exercise. When we get older, our body absorbs protein slowly. Athletes have a higher necessity for protein intake to rebuild and maintain muscle health. You need to take positive dietary steps to improve your body absorb protein. Protein is maintaining overall digestive health. It means protein digestion requires a strong interaction between the stomach and enzyme.

Enzymes are small molecules that create and speed up the rate of chemical reactions in the body. Enzymes play a crucial role in performing tasks that include destroying toxins, building muscles, and breaking down food particles during Digestion. The digestive enzymes are called complex proteins that our body makes to break the food into small molecules to make it easy to absorb into your body. Amylase, protease, and lipase are the three main types of digestive enzymes. All these enzymes are essential for proper Digestion to maintain a healthy body. Now the real problems start when we suffer from Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

What is Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency?

Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) is a condition where people face a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes. During this condition, you cannot digest food properly. Various conditions can damage your pancreas and causes EPI. Even in the rare case, pancreatitis may also cause EPI directly and damages the pancreatic cells that make digestive enzymes. Some of the symptoms identified of enzyme deficiency include lack of muscle coordination, degeneration of the brain, loss of muscle tone, enlarged liver, spleen, etc.

To increase enzyme production in the body, you have to follow proper diets with the necessary food intake. But due to the current scenario, you don’t have time to spare for yourself. All we need a natural solution to build our muscles and have proper Digestion. Your body needs powerful enzymes to grow your muscles faster and gain more strength and power. Many supplements made us believe that more proteins give more muscles.

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The truth behind it is when we have so much protein, but it all becomes waste without enzymes. The reason is your small intestine is the one that works to absorb protein and break it down into small building blocks called an amino acid.

Finally, the natural solution called MassZymes 3.0 partnered with AtraZymeTM designed to absorb proper nutrients in the body. Masszymes are a supplement also called protein-digesting enzymes. To build your body muscles, you need to take more proteins and digest those proteins with enzymes. Masszymes are the best solution to fill your body with the required enzymes. Masszymes do more than giving just enzymes to your body. Let us see what MassZymes is all about. Masszymes give you strong muscles, a healthy digestive system, and supports performance. This article reveals about Masszymes ingredients, benefits, and its pricing and availability.

What is Masszymes 3.0 supplement?

Masszymes is a proteolytic enzyme formulated with powerful enzymes to help users build lean muscles and recover faster after workouts. It also promotes optimal Digestion in our body. MassZymes claims to be one of the best potent enzymes on the planet. It is a pure vegetarian enzyme created by a vegetarian bodybuilder who struggled to avoid many people’s common path. For many years we are made to believe a big lie that protein builds muscles and makes us active. But scientifically, the fact is when consuming more protein will not build strong and lean muscles. It is the duty of the enzyme that breaks protein into amino acids and builds up the muscles.

MassZymes is specially designed for bodybuilders, athletes, and weightlifters. Many people have used it to reach their dreams. The product has ultimately satisfied users who wanted to build their muscles. This proteolytic enzyme formulation provides a protease HUT level of 100,000 per capsule. The high-performance, trained athletes, will be given more proteins to get themselves to perform more. It offers a wide range of digestive enzymes that are consumed along with meals and protein shakes.

When compared to other enzyme supplements, MassZymes are 30% more effective and have muscle-building power. MassZymes can extract about 66% of more amino acids from the protein that we intake every day, which aids with faster muscle building. The main protein-digesting enzyme present in the supplement is a protease. They are the ones that break down the proteins that they consume. Unless you have enough enzymes, it does not matter how much protein you take. MassZymes 3.0 detonates your muscle growth by improving Digestion and absorption of proteins. The supplement is said to claim some advantages in that it increases serum levels of crucial amino acids. MassZymes supplement will be the best solution for people striving hard to get lean muscles and increase their performance.

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Masszymes 3.0 : World’s Strongest Digestive Enzymes


Dietary supplement available in three offer packs.

Sample pack: 1 Bottle pack – $69 + free shipping

Best value: 6 Bottle pack – $294 + free shipping ($49 per bottle)

Most Popular: 3 Bottle pack – $177 + free shipping ($59 per bottle)

Product Description:

1.Product FormCapsule
2.PurposeBuilds muscles and increases performance
3.IngredientsTri-PHase Protease blend and Enzyme blend ( Bromelain, Amylase, Alpha-galactosidase, Lactase, Glucoamylase, Lipase, Malt Diastase, Invertase), Vegetable cellulose, Rice Bran, Water
5.Product Feature100% vegetarian
6.Cost of DeliveryDepends upon the location
7.Return policyAvailable*
8.Manufactured inUSA
9.Quantity250 veggie capsules per bottle
10.Side EffectNo side effects
11.Refund policy365 days money back guarantee
12.AvailabilityOfficial website

Note:* Return back unopened bottles to get back refund if the user is not satisfied within 365 days of purchase.

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Ingredients of Masszymes supplement:

Let us see how Masszymes works and what it offers to users. This is the essential part of our article as it tells the ingredients used to make this supplement more impressive and worthy. The creator has considered the problems faced by people to build strong muscles and increase their performance. It contains a Tri-phase protease and Enzyme blend.

  • Tri-PHase Protease
  • Protease 4.5
  • Protease 6.0
  • Protease 3.0
  • Peptidase
  • Enzyme Blend
  • Bromelain
  • Amylase
  • Alpha-galactosidase
  • Lactase
  • Glucoamylase
  • Lipase
  • Malt Diastase
  • Invertase
  • Vegetable cellulose
  • Rice Bran
  • Water

Tri-Phase Protease


Proteases are generally found in biosystems that play diverse roles in the biochemical and cells and organisms in regular aspects. Protease is a potent enzyme. It is responsible for breaking proteins into amino acids, where amino acids are the ones that our body requires to build strong and lean muscles. It is responsible for the increased performance.

Biotimizers masszymes comparison

Protease is the heart of this Bioptimizer’s MassZymes supplement. Studies have shown that it does not matter how much protein you intake every day. If you don’t have sufficient enzymes to break down those proteins, your muscles will not be getting their required building blocks. Endopeptidases and Exopeptidases are two examples of protease.

MassZymes (review article) is formulated with three phases of protease hence called as Tri-Phase protease. Each capsule of MassZymes contains a protease HUT level of 100,000. The protease blend contains Aspergillus Oryzae Ferment (Protease4.5 and Protease 6.0) and Aspergillus Niger (Protease 3.0). Both are approved and recognized as safe by Food and Drug Administration in the United States.


Peptidase is one of the variants of protease that works through hydrolysis. Its work is to break down the larger protein molecules into peptides and amino acids. Protease and peptidase both are the same but differentiated with a small thing. Protease hydrolyses peptide bonds. In peptidase, it is one of the two types of protease that hydrolyses peptide bonds at the terminal amino acid, and the second type is it hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds.

Peptidase prefers small peptides. Amino peptidases, carboxypeptidase A, are two examples of peptidase. So it is shown that protease and peptidase are two kinds of proteolytic enzymes. They both work is to hydrolyze peptide bonds between the amino acid.

Enzyme blend: Let us take a look at the ingredients used in the enzyme blend.

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Bromelain is one of the protein-digesting enzymes. To build a healthy muscle, we need to digest the proteins consumed. So that it will reach the muscles to build their blocks in the form of amino acid. Bromelain is derived from the stem, juice, and fruit of the pineapple plant. It treats medical ailments in many parts of central and South America. Bromelain is categorized as a dietary supplement and approved as safe by U.S.U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Bromelain is used alone, or it can be the combination of some other medications. Generally, Bromelain removes the dead skin from burns. It reduces the inflammation and swelling caused in the nasal passages. Masszymes supplement has added Bromelain enzyme because of its digestive aid.


Amylase is called a particular protein. It is an enzyme produced by the pancreas and salivary glands. The pancreas is an organ located behind our stomach, which creates various enzymes that act as catalysts to break down starch into sugars in your intestines. When there is damage or inflammation in the pancreas, it may produce too much or little amylase. If it is high, it is called a pancreatic disorder. Amylase helps us to get energy from carbohydrates. The food that we intake is converted from starch into a simple sugar called maltose, and this is why starchy food like rice and pasta gives a sweet taste when you start to chew them for a while.

Low amylase may also cause serious problems that may include preeclampsia (high blood pressure) and kidney disease. MassZymes has added the required amount of amylase to help users increase their energy levels.


Alpha-galactosidase is an enzyme that is commonly used in formulations that help to reduce gas and bloating problems. It catalyzes the terminal Alpha-galactosidase hydrolysis means a group of oligosaccharides that are abundant in plants, particularly in legumes and vegetables. The human body must contain the required amount of alpha-galactosidase to digest the food through the gastrointestinal tract. Indigestion may lead to various adverse effects. Alpha-galactosidase plays a crucial role in digesting food in the gastrointestinal tract.

It works by helping to break down the carbohydrates in the foods that we consume regularly. In Beano, an O.T.C. medicine available since the 1990s, Alpha-galactosidase is considered the primary enzyme.


Lactase is an enzyme supplement that solves indigested milk and other dairy products, otherwise called lactose intolerance. Lactose is a kind of sugar that is generally found in milk and milk products. Our body produces the Lactase enzyme that digests lactose. When people face lactose intolerance, they must stop consuming milk and milk products. But milk offers proteins to our body, which is necessary to add to diets for those working hard to build their muscles.

Your body must meet the required Lactase enzyme production to digest the milk products that you consume. Masszymes are filled with required Lactase enzymes that help your body digest the milk products rich in proteins.


Glucoamylase is also known as amyloglucosidase, a vital digestive enzyme that helps you absorb nutrients from some of the plant foods that we eat, and it creates energy. It is similar to the amylase enzyme produced in the body that works to break the starches into simple sugars that occurs naturally in most vegetables that we eat. The common foods that contain starch are potatoes, rice, corn, and wheat. Glucoamylase is added as a processing additive in the prepared food products.

Some of the other health benefits of Glucoamylase are it eases bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal issues, supports the immune system, may help digestive organs, and encourages average blood sugar balance.


Lipase is an enzyme that is primarily secreted and produced in the pancreas, mouth, and stomach. It is responsible for the breakdown of fats in our food to be easily absorbed in the intestines. Generally, people can produce the required amount of pancreatic lipase. Due to chronic diseases, cystic fibrosis, and celiac disease, they may not produce enough lipase to get the nutrition they need from food.

Lipase cannot be found in food since the pancreases produce it. Masszymes are formulated and designed with the required amount of Lipase enzyme to digest the foods and quickly increase their performance quickly.

Malt Diastase

Diastase is a complex of malt enzymes that French Scientist Anselme Payen discovered in 1833. While malting diastase will degrade starch in a limited manner but mostly during mashing. The starch is gelatinized and solubilized. A diastase is derived from a Greek word that implies separation. So its primary function is to break down the starch into maltose.

Similar to amylase, malt diastase breaks down the starch into maltose and helps to digest carbohydrates.


Invertase is an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis source of sucrose and gives a mixture of fructose and glucose, called inverted sugar. Invertase is also produced in the body, and like other enzymes, it helps digest carbohydrates by breaking down the sucrose into simple sugars, fructose, and glucose.

The name Invertase is derived from the circumstance where optical rotation changes accompany the reaction.

Vegetable Cellulose

Vegetable cellulose is a type of insoluble fiber that is essential for our body’s health. It is a dietary nutrient. Cellulose is the extracts from plants that include tree bark. In many parts of the world, it is used as a food additive similar to well-known fiber pectin from fruit. Vegetable cellulose is free from calories. It maintains its normal digestive function and slows your digestive processes, resulting in maintaining a more stable blood sugar level and indirectly a healthy weight.

Rice Bran

Rice is a plant where the outer layer of the grain is called bran. The oil made with bran is used for medicinal purposes, and the oil is popularly called healthy oil in India, Japan, and Asia. Rice bran is used for diabetes, high blood pressure, and some other health conditions. They lower the levels of cholesterol as their oil reduces cholesterol absorption and increases cholesterol elimination.


Water is an essential compound for the excellent health of all living beings. Water helps to break down the food to make your body absorb the nutrients. Water also prevents constipation by softening stools.

Above the powerful ingredients that made MassZymes more worth for people who want to build their muscles and increase their performance, especially by athletes and weight lifters. MassZymes is the best solution to build your dream body.

Who discovered Masszymes 3.0 ?

MassZymes is a dietary supplement, and it is a product of a company founded in 2004. And it was discovered by Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart. The creator has started his life by marketing training programs and soon reached their heights as bodybuilders. In later days they began to offer a supplement to the same audience. MassZymes was first formulated and launched in the year 2006.

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Later it was rebranded to BiOptimizers in 2014. The company’s mission is to help humans transform their lives from unhealthy conditions into a state of existence where all the body parts must function appropriately in perfect harmony.

All of us were told a big lie that protein is necessary for building our body muscles. But the real reason behind healthy muscles is more than protein requirements. The proteins that we regularly intake in various forms are not digested properly, leading to severe health conditions. To break those proteins and blocks of amino acids, we need enzymes. The creator has discovered this breakthrough filled with essential enzymes that our body needs to build the muscles that are strong and lean.

Benefits of using Bioptimizer’s Masszymes:

The company has claimed that BiOptimizers MassZymes reviews has enormous health benefits. The manufacturer has assured users with a completely natural product that helps build their dream body quickly. Let us see what MassZymes benefits.

Strongest Enzyme formula

As we told you before, your body needs enzymes to digest the proteins we regularly consume to build your muscles. But just with the protein intake, we cannot build lean muscles. Enzymes are the one which breaks those proteins into blocks of amino acid and helps in building muscles. It also increases the number of people who wanted to perform more during athletics or weight lifting tasks.

Promotes healthier Digestion

Masszymes promote healthier Digestion in your body. The food we consume must digest adequately, or it may lead to a severe health issue because when we eat food, it will not be in the form that our body uses as nourishment. Food or drink that we consume gets converted into smaller molecules of nutrients, and later it will be absorbed into the blood and then carried cells throughout the body.

Speeds up recovery time

You may be a bodybuilder or athlete. You need to perform more workouts than usual to see the desired results or get your dream body. You will end up hitting hard in the gym. It is necessary to recover faster after you start to workout. MassZymes helps to recover more quickly after the workouts by 75%.

It helps you build more muscle.

MassZymes is a unique formula that helps to build more lean muscles and makes you more robust than before. I dream of building your muscles stronger and leaner and using Masszymes regularly in the prescriber manner.

Other health benefits are:

  1. It boosts your immune system.
  2. It increases energy levels.
  3. The joint pain caused while performing workouts and weight lifts reduces.
  4. Some of the instances like gas, bloating, acid reflux, and also eliminates constipation.
  5. Absorbs vitamins and amino acids if consumed regularly.
  6. It also increases mental clarity and bone health.

Disadvantages of MassZymes

  1. It is not available in any stores and pharmacies. You can order and purchase it from the official website. Don’t buy it Amazon, it is going to charge double price for the same bottles.
  2. It is not available in every country. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. ad can be bought online from any parts of the world.

How to take Masszymes?

MassZymes dietary supplement is available in the form of capsules. It is effortless to consume those pills. You must take 1-3 capsules with every meal, and in addition to that, you can take 1-2 capsules in between the meals.

How do Masszymes work?

You may all wonder how a supplement can help you build muscles faster and stringer. Here is the reason why MassZymes works for people. Generally, you all know that protein intake must be increased in your daily life to build healthy muscle. But those proteins gives you benefit if it gets into your bloodstream in the correct form.

If the protein is not digested correctly, it may lead to serious health hazards. The body cannot break down these amino acids found in protein-rich foods. If the proteins do not get digested properly, people will face nausea and vomiting. To break proteins, we need enzymes in our body. Our body may not produce enough enzymes, and hence Masszymes stand as the best enzyme supplement filled with a required enzyme to break the protein into amino acids.

The supplement also works on healing the stomach lining to restore its healthy body. MassZymes supports the absorption of other nutrients like glucose and glucosamine that provide energy and improves joint health.

Price & Availability of Masszymes:

Masszymes reviews

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The price of MassZymes is affordable to all people. The creator has added the capsules’ costliest enzymes, but he has not marked a high price on the product. MassZymes is entirely safe and effective. Each bottle of MassZymes contains 250 veggie capsules.

You can also join the loyalty program offered by MassZymes to make it easier for you to get the product after 30 days unless you cancel the subscription.You can also free bottle with your order. It is available at Amazon, Walmart and walgreens at much higher prices. You can visit and buy it from the official website.

Basic package: The price of one bottle of Masszymes 3.0 is $69 per bottle with 365 days money-back guarantee.

Best Value: The price of six bottles of Masszymes 3.0 is $297 (costing $49.50 per bottle) with free shipping and 365 days money-back guarantee.

Most Popular: The price of three bottles of Masszymes 3.0 is $177 (costing $59 per bottle) with free shipping (U.S.U.S. & C.A.C.A.) and 365 days money-back guarantee.

Return and Return policy of Masszymes

MassZymes have given users a particular policy. If any users are not satisfied with the product, they can return the product to us using the return and refund policy. BiOptimizers MassZymes are ready to accept the unopened bottled within 365 days of the purchase. Return policy applies to both subscription and non-subscription users.

Products are available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The shipping and handling charges will be excluded from the return money. The conditions for different locations may vary. Kindly check the Return Policy available on the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions about MassZymes

How and when should I take MassZymes 3.0?

It would be best if you took the supplement with your daily meals. Take three capsules with each meal and in between the meals also. You can use this supplement liberally.

Can I get this product anywhere in the world?

Yes, of course, you can get it. You can order MassZymes supplements from anywhere in the world. The time of delivery and shipping costs may vary according to the location. You can also check more supplements like Resurge, Proven supplement, leptitox and leptoconnect for losing weight naturally.

How fast does it work?

When you start to consume Bioptimizers MassZymes, you could see the results in just a few months. In the first week, you can feel more energy levels released. Your Digestion Will show an excellent improvement than before. Muscle mass will be increase just in a month.

Conclusion Of My Bioptimizers Masszymes Reviews:

We are at the end of the masszymes review. So to gain lean muscles, we need to work so hard these days. It is highly impossible to get those desired muscles naturally in a short time. You may have struggles o much to get your dream body. MassZymes is the best natural dietary supplement that helps you to build lean muscles naturally in a short time.

All you need to do is to consume the supplements regularly in the prescribed manner. You can buy it and also get free maszzymes bottle

MassZymes are filled with pure enzymes and natural ingredients; hence it does not affect the users. There is n number of users who take MassZymes regularly to improve their muscle growth and performance. This supplement is specially designed for athletes and weight lifters. Those who want to build their body can get MassZymes to reach their dream.

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