Marty and Doc Brown Got Naughty at Rack to the Future Burlesque

Chances are your childhood involved a time-traveling DeLorean, a mad scientist named Doc Brown and rock & roll high schooler Marty McFly. Back to the Future is a modern classic, and now it's been so meticulously parodied by Hollywood Jane Revue that even Doc Brown's dog, Einstein, has a scandalously dressed counterpart. 
Hollywood Jane Revue is known for its creative sendups of pop-culture institutions, and this was no exception. The performers simultaneously paid tribute to and had fun with the source material, as in the routine in which Georgia O'Queef used the DeLorean's doors to dance and tease with. 
In this loose reimagining, producer Blanche Bourgeois and company mix in a variety of themed performances that play into the narrative, at times lifting audio sections from the film and acting along to them. The show was an entertaining and breezy combination of burlesque and boylesque, culminating in amazing routines by April Showers (Miss Hollywood Burlesque 2015) and Veronica Voss rocking out as Marty.

LA Weekly