Martha Stewart, who in recent years has been seen most often on the Hallmark Channel, is making the move to public television, with Martha Stewart's Cooking School premiering on PBS this fall.

As the title suggests, this show will be largely instructional. Martha isn't the gimmicky type. She doesn't promise the quick-and-easy version of everything, nor does she rely on quirky themes. This is school, kids, so pay attention. As the press release states:

Each 30-minute episode will feature Martha demonstrating classic cooking techniques and basics. Using her signature, step-by-step how-to teaching process, Martha will illustrate the building blocks of recipes everyone should know (from roasting to poaching to braising and blanching). Viewers will have Martha by their side instructing them how to select the very best ingredients, how to make the perfect pot roast, how to pan sauté a whole fish, how to make stocks and why they're essential to making sauces and delicious soups. In addition, every episode will feature Martha imparting tips and tricks, inspiring and educating home cooks everywhere.

In other words, take copious notes, because there may be a quiz.

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