Eh, who needs the Green Lantern when you've got Martha Stewart. We now mean this very literally, as Stewart will soon have her own comic book to go along with the rest of her multimedia empire. “Female Force: Martha Stewart,” a one-shot issue from Vancouver, Wash.-based Bluewater Productions Inc., will focus on Stewart's rise to global domination.

Written by C.W. Cooke, the comic will consider all aspects of Stewart's life and career, including her time in jail for insider trading. Cooke told the Associated Press that he wrote the comic because Stewart's story exemplifies the American Dream, and because she “sounds like a superhero.” We can only imagine the requisite jail break scene.

Bluewater Productions' previous “Female Force” titles include comics based on Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Barbara Walters, Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher. Maybe Manohla Dargis, who has rightly pointed out the dearth of good female roles in summer movies, should put in a call to Marvel. Catwoman seems like a pretty anemic idea when you've got Martha Stewart and Secretary of State Clinton. The pantsuit would make a lovely superhero costume.

LA Weekly