MarketDraft – Transforming Stock Trading through Gamification: The Vision of Chris Tovmasian and Jay Correia

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Investing in stocks and cryptocurrency is intimidating, boring and is hard to understand for a significant portion of the population. Its complexity, combined with high risks and compounded by the limited availability of educational resources, makes it inaccessible to many. What if a platform existed that enabled people to explore investments, acquire knowledge through practical experience and gain valuable insights into the world of investing via an engaging gamified approach?

MarketDraft emerges as the solution to these challenges by seamlessly merging the concepts of fantasy sports and investing. This B2C fantasy stock market platform, innovated by CEO Chris Tovmasian and CTO Jay Correia, aims to educate, reward and entertain users by offering contests, simulations and content tailored to the next generation of investors.

Tovmasian and Correia’s perfect amalgamation of skills

Tovmasian and Correia bring a wealth of entrepreneurial and technological expertise to MarketDraft. Tovmasian highlights their journey: “We’ve bootstrapped everything to date. We’ve built the site and apps, validated our concept, and garnered a positive response from over 20,000 users.”

Reflecting on the origins of MarketDraft, Tovmasian explains, “The idea for MarketDraft emerged in early 2020. I met Jay at DreamCo Design, and we started working on the project. It took approximately a year, and we successfully launched in April 2021.”

Tovmasian, having started his career at Lehman Brothers and later venturing into entrepreneurship and real estate, emphasizes his commitment to providing others with the same opportunities he has had to learn about trading.

With his extensive experience in website creation and app design and development, Correia proved to be the missing link in bringing Tovmasian’s vision to life. Correia’s background includes working with notable clients in the fantasy sports and gaming industry as well as others such as the National Park Service, MIT and numerous Grammy Award winning artists. His years in the fantasy sports industry, including serving on the Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association board of directors, have further contributed to the development of MarketDraft.

MarketDraft: not just a game but an ecosystem

Tovmasian and Correia envision MarketDraft as an environment catering to risk-averse market enthusiasts. Tovmasian states, “Our vision is to create a comprehensive ecosystem for those interested in the markets but deterred by risks, lack of funds, or knowledge.” Correia adds, “We aspire for MarketDraft to be synonymous with “the fantasy stock market.”

Their goal extends to becoming the go-to platform for providing a legal, secure and educational foundation for new investors entering the complex trading world. Correia also envisions a long-term platform evolution where MarketDraft offers additional product offerings, enabling users to transition into real-world investments after gaining expertise.

MarketDraft has experienced positive data analytics and user engagement that has surpassed expectations. With thousands of users, the platform’s notable achievement lies in the significant participation from less traditional traders, including females. Correia expresses excitedly, “We have higher participation from females, people of color, and young individuals who haven’t invested before or are fairly new to the concept. Our analytics demonstrate a core audience that consistently returns, displaying excellent average time spent on our platform. We also get thank you letters from our clients quite often regarding how we’re helping them become better investors.”

MarketDraft’s Chris Tovmasian and Jay Correia are democratizing stock and crypto trading by combining fantasy sports and investing. Their B2C platform, which gamifies stock and crypto trading while providing education through portfolio contests, stock and cryptocurrency selections, and private simulation, indeed suggests a bullish trajectory.

Explore investment games for novices and experts alike at MarketDraft.

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