Every professional and civilian chef in Los Angeles is as picky about their farmers market as they are their melons. We all have our favorites and our routines at the markets across town, most of which have been established for at least 10 years.

And now there is good news for Hancock Park — a brand-new market is opening Saturdays on La Brea Avenue. Until now the closest choice was the bustling stalls in Hollywood on Sundays.

Starting on Saturday, July 28, 20 vendors will converge from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the newest Sweetgreen cafe, at the corner of La Brea and Second Street. The healthy food chain teamed up with the L.A.-based farmers market organization Raw Inspiration, which also manages the Brentwood and Calabasas markets, to bring some new and familiar faces to the neighborhood. California Certified Farmers Market also worked closely with Sweetgreen in gathering vendors.

Frogs Bakery; Credit: Michele Stueven

Frogs Bakery; Credit: Michele Stueven

It’s a diverse selection of vendors, including include oysters, uni and ceviche from the Jolly Oyster, Frogs Bakery's award-winning pastries and Kaliko eggs. There’s also plenty of produce, which makes it pretty convenient for the Sweetgreen staff, who can just reach out the back door if they need to restock.

“We have this amazing parking lot and were wondering what else we could do with it that would enhance the neighborhood,” Sweetgreen co-founder Nicolas Jammet tells L.A. Weekly. “We have a long history with farmers markets and realized there wasn’t one in the area and thought it would be a great collaboration with the community.”

Here’s the complete list of vendors:

Brothers pickled vegetables, Bumble Crumpets, OWL Venice bone broth, Vita Juice, Dry Dock's fresh-caught fish, the Jolly Oyster, Walter's pupusas, Frogs Bakery, Hibachi grilled specialties, Me Gusta Tamales, Oono sushi, Ayala Gerwig's exotic fruit, GB Farms, Chavez produce, the Valley Hive honey, Kaliko eggs, Rosewood Farms, Eye Candy handmade jewelery, Market candles and Harlow jewelry.

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