Parent hysteria at Miramonte School today — parents are pulling kids out of school over alleged pervert teacher Mark Berndt and the arrest of a second teacher — could degrade into a McMartin Preschool witch hunt or Wenatchee child sex orgies B.S. Both of those were false, created by lying children, social workers and cops who suggested answers to the children, and freaked-out parents. Together they all ruined the lives of innocent caretakers and teachers.

We're heading there if LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy doesn't clear the air. But instead he was evasive on KNX today. He should explain now why LAUSD Superintendent Sid Thompson in 1994 let Berndt teach AFTER L.A. County Sheriff's detectives urged the D.A. to prosecute Berndt for fondling. Deasy is protecting the legacy of the disastrous Sid Thompson. Instead, Deasy needs to:

— Call a press conference and read out loud the final paperwork created by the Sid Thompson administration in 1994 or 1995 that let Berndt remain a teacher. We know there is paperwork. Let's hear why they put him back in class. We aren't asking for secret LAPD files. We're asking LAUSD to justify what looks like a disastrous decision by the Sid Thompson administration.

— Deasy should release far more details this week of his plan for firing sicko and incompetent teachers — a major reform that Deasy promised to pursue but seems to have dropped the ball on.

— Deasy should this week — without being forced by the media — tell the public how many LAUSD teachers are currently in the rubber room or at home, being paid full wages to stay away from children.

— Deasy should explain why he hasn't dramatically increased his legal staff of attorneys to push out bad teachers since the 2011 departure of the respected LAUSD attorney Kathleen Collins, who called for reform.

— Deasy should justify to the parents in Los Angeles why the Dance of the Lemons is still going strong after numerous media reports by L.A. Weekly and the Los Angeles Times.

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