Book worms and psychedelic drugs? It's been a while since the literary world and the counterculture crossed paths. We'd have to go back to the '90s and Irvine Welsh's rave inspired works (Trainspotting). Of course, there's a tradition here dating at least back to '50s' beat poets.

Someone at New York publishing house St. Martin's Press wanted to revive it, it would appear.

And someone in Southern California wanted to turn them on with some of that good Golden State sticky icky:

According to The Smoking Gun authorities intercepted two packages of weed headed for the respected publisher in Manhattan. The parcels were sniffed out at a Post Office in San Diego recently, the site says.

The shipments included 11 pounds of weed, possibly worth $70,000.

Postal workers, apparently, got a whiff of a “suspicious odor” and contacted postal inspectors.

Both the recipient, a woman named Karen Wright, and the sender, a company called ABT Books, don't exist, according to the site.

So, somewhere in Manhattan there's a bummed book editor who has to go through another Kingsley Amis page turner without her goodweed.

Sorry New York. We tried.

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