Much has been made lately of the Republican party's move to the right and its stubborn refusal to work with Democrats even on issues that some of them it once championed (such as Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care plan).

Well, welcome to opposite land, California, where a conservative Orange County congressman is wagging his finger at Democratic president Barack Obama for being … anti-weed!

You gotta love it:

Huntington Beach's Rohrabacher joined state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano and state Sen. Mark Leno at the California Unity Conference & Citizen Lobby Day this week to denounce the Obama administration's crackdown on medical marijuana in California.

Rohrabacher told the pro-cannabis crowd:

I just want you to know, that as a Republican, I know you are going to have a lot of problems with the Republicans. Well, you just tell them Dana Rohrabacher, who was Ronald Reagan's special assistant and speech-writer, is the one who is leading the charge to make sure we aren't wasting law enforcement dollars that should go to protecting people against murders, rapists …

At which point they all checked their joints to ensure that the shit they were smoking was just marijuana.

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