While police have been busy seizing the cannabis and cash of marijuana dispensaries in the San Fernando Valley (both on 4/20/2012 and at 4:20 p.m. recently), cops on the Eastside found themselves giving a pot shop's plants back to its operators.

The LAPD taketh away? The LAPD giveth!

Those must have been scary moments for the folks at California Herbal Remedies in El Sereno University Hills:

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Early yesterday morning they were moving some plants when a nosy neighbor, suspicious of the activity, called police, LAPD Lt. E. Imaizumi told us.

A witness says six patrol cars showed up and six people were put in handcuffs as a U-Haul truck stuffed with plants was parked nearby.

All good, says Imaizumi: The operators were simply moving plants from that location to another associated with it, possibly in the Bay Area.

Narcotics officers called to the scene checked it out and found that everything was copacetic, he said: Everyone was released and the weed went back to its rightful owners.

Indeed, our wit says: ” … Two of the guys who had been handcuffed drove off in the U-Haul truck … “

We called the dispensary but no one there wanted to talk about it. (We don't blame them.) They should be thankful they don't operate in the West Valley, though. The LAPD's attitude there is All your buds are belong to us.

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