Marijuana might be medicine of sorts in California, but a growing body of research suggests that it ultimately might make you crazy. (Not that other prescriptions drugs can't do their own voodoo on your head).

A study analyzing the MRI scans of a small sample of weed users unleashed this week concludes that “THC significantly increased the severity of psychotic symptoms … “

Maybe that's not enough of a warning to get you to stay away from the dispensaries, but …

… the research by Sagnik Bhattacharyya, a psychiatry professor at King's College in London, states that THC was linked ot the brain “region” known to be home to “psychotic symptoms.”

Published in the Archives of General Psychiatry, the study concludes that “THC may increase the aberrant attribution of salience and induce psychotic symptoms … “

We have qualms with the research, however. It only looked at 15 “healthy men” who are occasional pot users. That's a pretty small sample size.

Still, we all know that marijuana can make us at least temporarily pscyho or, as Cypress Hill put it, “insane in the membrane.” And who could forget the Black Eyed Peas' command, “Let's Get Retarded?”

Yeah, we should know by know what we're doing when we self medicate: Killing me softly, one brain cell at a time.

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