You love your weed, California.

The latest Field Poll found a new, record number of California voters backing total legalization of marijuana. To which we ask, Where the hell were you people when you had the chance to make that happen at the voting booth in 2010?

Anyway, the poll also says that a decent majority of you are OK with marijuana dispensaries in your own towns. Interesting, because …

… some, like Los Angeles, have tried to ban them altogether.

According to the Field Poll data:

Fifty-eight percent of voters said pot shops were cool in the areas where they live; 67 percent were unhappy with federal crackdowns on dispensaries in California.

The numbers for and against allowing dispensaries locally among L.A. County voters are 58 and 39.

The big number for the day is 54 percent: That's the portion of voters who say marijuana should just go fully legit in the Golden State. Forty-three percent are against legalization.

The poll states:

This is the highest level of support for marijuana legalization since the Field Poll began measuring California public opinion on this issue in 1969, when just 13% favored its legalization.

In L.A. County, 52 percent support legalization, 45 percent oppose it.

Republicans say no at a rate of 55 percent and yes at a rate of 42 percent.

White folks (59 percent) and African Americans (60 percent) support legalizing it more than any other racial or ethnic groups, including Latinos (who say no at a rate of 57 percent).

So next time the issue comes up at the voting booth, how are you going to vote?

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