Days after California's largest doctors' group urged full legalization of marijuana across America, the American Society of Addiction Medicine went in the other direction, stating, ” … We oppose any changes in law and regulation that would lead to a sudden significant increase in the availability of any dependence-producing drug … “

Bummer, man.

The group went all Dr. Drew on pot, arguing that it is …

” … a mood-altering drug capable of producing dependence as well as serious negative mental, emotional, behavioral and physical consequences.”

The group says that more than half of Americans with substance abuse problems can trace their woes to weed. It also argues that smoking any drug isn't really treating it as a medicine.

We'll give American Society of Addiction Medicine some credit here, however. The org admits that cannabis has potential as medicine and supports further research.

Stuart Gitlow, acting president of ASAM:

ASAM supports continued research on certain cannanbinoids with the goal of identifying specific therapeutic applications …

Read ASAM's press statement here.


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