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The fight over the future of L.A.'s marijuana dispensaries has made for some strange bedfellows. After trying to shut down all weed retailers in town, the Los Angeles City Council devised ballot Measure D, a law that would protect 100 or so of L.A.'s original pot shops while putting the rest out of business. Even onetime dispensary enemy Carmen Trutanich, the City Attorney, has said while on his reelection campaign trail that patients should be able to access their medicine.

But one powerful force in Los Angeles politics is just saying no to all three dispensary regulation proposals that will face you on the May 21 ballot:

The L.A. police union.

Yes, the Los Angeles Police Protective League today endorsed a no vote on all three measures, D, E and F.

D and E are similar: In fact E's original organizers, a service workers' union and those original 100 or so L.A. pot shops, abandoned their own measure's campaign and are now backing D.

F would allow most of the 1,000 or so shops in L.A. to survive so long as they adhere by basic rules including limited operating hours, background checks for operators and keeping certain distances from schools.

In a statement this afternoon the LAPPL argues that all three are flawed. The union says pot shops attract crime, including takeover robberies. It adds:

Each will protect the untold millions of illegal cash profits made by illegal pot shop owners at the expense of our neighborhoods and city.

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