Thank God for the Golden State: It's perfectly legal to smoke the green stuff, even on a daily basis, if you have a doctor's recommendation.

But your boss might not agree that bud is the best influence for her workforce. As it stands, she can fire you for smoking medical pot (or she can decline to hire you too). But a California lawmaker wants to change that.

State Sen. Mark Leno has proposed a law …

… that would prohibit most employers from firing you if you test positive for marijuana.

The Bay Area Democrat tried it once before. His 2007 bill was rejected by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Maybe he has a chance with Jerry Brown, although we must say that Brown has become a law-and-order guy since he spent time in the Attorney General's office.

Sen. Mark Leno says yes to marijuana for workers.

Sen. Mark Leno says yes to marijuana for workers.

Leno's bill, according to KPCC (89.3 FM) “would exempt from protection workers such as doctors, nurses, school bus drivers and heavy equipment operators who hold so-called safety sensitive jobs.”

Of course, there might be one more hurdle: Federal law, which still says employers can fire people for weed use. And weed use is still illegal on a national level. Will this trump a California law?

Stay tuned.

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