We've seen some strange bedfellows get under the sheets with the marijuana decriminalization movement, including preacher Pat Robertson and a group of law enforcement officials.

Now it appears that the International Federation of Red Cross is on that bandwagon.

In a recent statement to the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs …

… the Red Cross said that criminalizing users of cannabis and other drugs has really done society no good. Not just in L.A., the pot shop capital of the nation, but across the globe.

In stated:

… The best people who use drugs can hope for is to be driven underground to live with the addiction in the dark back streets and abandoned buildings of our towns and cities. Or even worse, they are criminalized and jailed with little or no regard for their healthcare rights or the impact of this policy on the health of their communities.

The Red Cross concluded:

Laws and prosecutions do not stop people from taking drugs.

Damn. Truth hurts.

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