The rise of the pot shop in Los Angeles has led to sales of marijuana edibles and cannabis candy that is sometimes mockingly packaged to look like some childhood favorites.

That's all fine and well if you're a, ahem, legal adult suffering from whatever ailment requires you to take THC-infused chocolate — per doctor's orders.

But if you're a young Halloween trick-or-treater who just got a package of Keef Kat instead of Kit Kat, it could be trouble:

The Los Angeles Police Department today issued a warning about these retail-look-alike candies and asked parents to be vigilant and sort through tonight's haul just in case.

LAPD Det. Bill Bustos told the Weekly:

Credit: Dave Linger / Flickr

Credit: Dave Linger / Flickr

Visually a small child can confuse it for the real thing. What we're saying is be on the look out for it.

Cannabis candy seized by LAPD narcotics detectives was put on display during a press conference today in which cops urged parents to be careful about their kids' trick-or-treat loot.

Spoof products containing weed include Keef Kat (which looks like Kit Kat), Reefer's (Reese's), and 3 Rastateer's (3 Musketeers). Funny, right.

But seriously, Bustos says this:

You look at the packaging and the color of the wrapping and the letters and font look very similar to that of traditional candy. Just make sure the kids consume candy that they parents have checked and approved.

On the other hand, we know some adults who would flock to the house where this stuff is being handed out. We know some people who would show up twice wearing different costumes.

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