It appears San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Tom Blair was duped by an April Fool's joke in L.A.'s own marijuana magazine the 420 Times.

In a Monday column titled “What are these people smoking?” the journo blasts the Times for rolling out its “Dude, Don't Bust My Grow” app for iPhones, intended to alert “those in the medical marijuana field (to) the presence of federal law enforcement in their area.”

Problem is, the app doesn't exist:

It was, along with the app's Taco Bell-finding function for “when you're jonesing,” an April Fool's joke.

Tom Blair.

Tom Blair.

Stated 420 editor Dave Brian:

We added a 'Chalupa-Mode' to the app. Not only can people see the Feds coming their way now but they can also find the nearest Taco Bell — a real bitch sometimes when you're jonesing.

Didn't get the hint Tom?

More from Brian:

This is about giving marijuana growers, patients and providers the ability to be aware of the Feds before they kick down your door. Medical marijuana has not been enjoying any Federal protections recently and we think this app will be more sweet than the Bubblegum Kush strains coming out of Mendocino County.

Not yet, Tom?

Okay, the price was a tipoff, right? $4.20 for a download.

[Spotted at Fishbowl LA].

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